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  1. FashionPhD at | | Reply

    The press release did say retrospective,
    I was there for the show and it was a bummer up close as well
    the installation was lit up which was cool
    after which the clothes were hardly visible as the models walked thru the ‘cage’

    I came to check out the clothes on ur site! Even tho i was there for the shw

  2. Yashica Dutt at | | Reply

    I gathered that the idea was not to focus on the clothes so much, since most of us have seen/used them for shoots anyway. It was the neon-lit presentation that seemed to be the highlight than anything else. And that didn’t disappoint one bit.

  3. mini at | | Reply

    i second you p&p

  4. Dilli Waali at | | Reply

    I was there for the show too and I agree with FashionPhD. For me, this was a ( Christian Lacroix type ) kitchen-sink syndrome and not a real retrospective. I did expect much more from Manish, considering this was his first show in India after the Paco Rabanne affair.

  5. Dilli Waali at | | Reply

    … and, I have to say that Lydia Maurer did a fantastic collection for Paco Rabanne FW 12/13 !

  6. Inihos at | | Reply

    It’s disappointing considering I have seen some of these outfits have been seen on editorials and celebrities more than a dozen times. But I read a press release online, and it did say retrospective.

  7. Ritika at | | Reply

    Disappointing, yes.But I’ll forgive anyone who is at this level of genius.

    1. CoutureAbility at | | Reply

      I beg to differ. Such should not be forgiven GIVEN the respective level of genius

  8. nida at | | Reply

    a let down.

  9. stephen lotha at | | Reply

    loved your genius at pacco rabbane and before but this one? mmm yawn.

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