Delhi Couture Week 2012: Manish Arora


This may rub the fashion folks the wrong way but here’s what we thought of Mr. Arora’s presentation: A bummer. Had the show been billed as a ‘retrospective’, you wouldn’t have heard a pip from us. But considering that wasn’t the case (either that or we missed the memo, and in which case we apologize), showing pieces from his previous collections felt bit of a let-down. Especially to fans (no really, long-time fans) like us who longed to see something new. No doubt, those in attendance really enjoyed the craftsmanship and sheer genius up close… But for us voyeurs, felt bit of a cop out.

Just us?

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. The press release did say retrospective,
    I was there for the show and it was a bummer up close as well
    the installation was lit up which was cool
    after which the clothes were hardly visible as the models walked thru the ‘cage’

    I came to check out the clothes on ur site! Even tho i was there for the shw

  2. I gathered that the idea was not to focus on the clothes so much, since most of us have seen/used them for shoots anyway. It was the neon-lit presentation that seemed to be the highlight than anything else. And that didn’t disappoint one bit.

  3. I was there for the show too and I agree with FashionPhD. For me, this was a ( Christian Lacroix type ) kitchen-sink syndrome and not a real retrospective. I did expect much more from Manish, considering this was his first show in India after the Paco Rabanne affair.

  4. It’s disappointing considering I have seen some of these outfits have been seen on editorials and celebrities more than a dozen times. But I read a press release online, and it did say retrospective.


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