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  1. Emaan Khan at | | Reply

    I feel nauseous!! Can you please post some of the boys who were there: Karan Johar, Dino Morea,Rahul Khanna Etc!!! THANK YOU!

  2. AV1983 at | | Reply

    Hahaha….Probably Mrs Godrej was rehearsing for Halloween!

  3. sheets at | | Reply

    i find this one, wayyyyy more decent than her previous look.. :|

    1. jay at | | Reply

      Oh thank God atleast someone does.

  4. Adara at | | Reply

    WTF! My eyes. my eyes. GROSS!

  5. Priyanka at | | Reply

    Oh dear
    that is too much that my eyes can handle. -_-

  6. radhika at | | Reply

    hmm she has the guts to wear that. kudos to her.

  7. khadija at | | Reply


  8. ThaiExpat at | | Reply

    This is a fantastically edgy/sexy dress and would look fabulous on a (much) younger woman with a killer body

  9. KK at | | Reply

    What is she wearing?! This is what too much money and no style looks like.. Thanks for the laugh, aunty!

    1. Shriya at | | Reply

      No, aunty. Dadi is more appropriate.

  10. kumar at | | Reply

    oh no she DIDN’T!!!!!!!!!!gross!

  11. Fancy Nancy at | | Reply


  12. FARAH at | | Reply

    I am Embarassed seein her..OMG

  13. jammy at | | Reply

    Isn’t there some kind of skin coloured padding in this one?

  14. crab at | | Reply

    Between the last one and this, this can be called an upgrade. Remember she wasn’t wearing ANYTHING underneath last time? I can’t believe a woman of her stature would dress so outrageously.

  15. Zee at | | Reply

    This is a dress for Blake Lively, not PG. BTW, why does she look so roasted?

  16. Jo at | | Reply

    What was she thinking while choosing her outfit? High time to keep her age under consideration…gross gross

  17. tania at | | Reply

    wtf is that?? and how does it actually stay in place?!

  18. Mim at | | Reply

    I guess this is what not ageing gracefully looks like. Can someone ask Helen Mirren to help her, please?

  19. sen at | | Reply

    i hate her tights or watever it is shes wearing wit the equally hideous dress…..she looks downright awful….

  20. diptiN at | | Reply

    the neckline of the dress is tacky, but what is worse are the black tights or whatever they are.

  21. shwetha at | | Reply

    OMG… horrendous.. what was she even thinking!?

  22. ash at | | Reply

    Ha Ha!!! Funny!

  23. aalia at | | Reply

    No plz No and more No!!
    how do people look at her whilst talking to her? the black boxes on her bust area are like sayin ‘look at these- i have got some’
    where has ‘less is more’gone?

  24. ThaiExpat at | | Reply

    Okay, I can understand finding this dress age inappropriate or unclassy or whatever, but the way people are fussing over it you would think she’d committed blasphemy or killed an innocent or something. Chill out , its just a dress, there are way more pressing issues in the world that are worthy of your angst than this

  25. kim at | | Reply

    OMG…that is one cougar!

  26. swati at | | Reply

    i think alot of attitude is required to pull off this look …. and i don’t think anyone above 22 can wear this with aplomb .

    Pg fails on both counts … btw, anyone know the designer ? D&G perhaps ? they did a whole lacy and sheer collection some time back

  27. pettyfogger at | | Reply

    Seriously, it is an okay dress. Unless it’s see-through and you get a full view of her chesticles (which obviously is not the case here), there is indeed nothing appalling about this appearance. Well, that’s objectively speaking – when we judge it purely on fashion grounds and disregard other factors like her age – so why do P & P detest or mock this look, I can’t help but wonder. I mean this dress on Anybody Else would come out somewhat fine and not garner much scrutiny.

    1. oshoriri666 at | | Reply

      my thoughts too…

      1. the mad momma at | | Reply

        i think the point is that with skin coloured lining you’re really trying for a look that says i’m going bare under this? which isnt tasteful on anyone, least of all someone at her age. she may as well have spent the time and money on getting her hair set.. its quite a mess.

  28. KitKat at | | Reply

    Ewwwwww!!!!! My eyes hurt!!!!!

  29. rr at | | Reply

    i can’t imagine this dress looking good on ANYBODY. except on runway of course.

  30. SS at | | Reply

    I have one word – yuck!

  31. swati shetty at | | Reply

    i can see a dia mirza carrying this off, another thing that she would never wear something like this!

  32. gogi at | | Reply

    She looks like Donetella Versace ! Doesn’t she !

  33. S at | | Reply

    I think I just threw up a little in my mouth …edgy dress, but not for her

  34. pooja at | | Reply

    ohh dear god! not again..
    watching fashion police on E!
    Wonder what Joan rivers will say bout this look
    Ohhh wait I know..”just cause it zips does not means it fits”..

  35. bongbabe at | | Reply

    who is this dress by?

  36. S at | | Reply


  37. R at | | Reply

    The dress is “almost” fine. Other than the unnecessary black lace outlines at the chest area… that always reminds me of lingerie! But those black tights (??). They totally kill it!

  38. IdeaSmith at | | Reply

    One word….TMI.

  39. Mel at | | Reply

    What can one say? She loves her twins :-)

  40. will-kill-for-exclusivity at | | Reply

    she definitely knows how to flaunt her er…”private parts”

  41. NJ at | | Reply

    Does anyone know where the dress is from? Thanks

  42. sayee at | | Reply

    awful !!!!!!!!1

  43. shooting star at | | Reply

    well, she was with her husband at the time…he did not seem to mind..so neither should we!!!!!!!

  44. shireen at | | Reply

    im soooo late, but u guys made my day!! just had to say thank u for this snap…xcuse any typos, im still laughing

  45. max at | | Reply

    I am in love with this woman ….. She is so beautiful

  46. canwehavesomedecency at | | Reply

    parmeshwar Godrej, Maureen Wadia.. all horrendous embarassments! :(

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