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  1. gaga at | | Reply

    only paris could get away with that much bling…or not.

  2. Sharin at | | Reply

    She has the worst knees ever. I thought only brown skinned people had bad knees. Anywho she works this.. I like that she has the headband it makes it different and unique. Bling is not ALWAYS bad people.

  3. Kiwi at | | Reply

    don’t like the shoes or the bag. She carries off the dress

  4. baby6 at | | Reply


  5. Such at | | Reply

    Not liking it at all. Especially the facepaint (yukk!) and the shoes!

  6. SS at | | Reply

    The headband is not good but she totally rocks the dress..and bling is good! I lovee it…!! :)

  7. sim at | | Reply

    Now I think if a desi cleb had done this you guys would have this in What the hell, Not fair gilrs

    1. Sharin at | | Reply

      Thing is life isn’t fair, some people look better than others! Her blonde hair, skintone n personal style that she’s created for herself n we know about suit her n the dress complements those things and influence our decision. She has the personality to wear this dress and not let it wear her.

  8. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I like the headband…hehe
    but with the dress, not so much
    Paris looks better than she usually does- but still, it’s too much bling. She get’s points for doing the 60’s into 70’s look that I’m all about these days.

  9. Maze at | | Reply

    The headband ruined an otherwise great look!

  10. heena at | | Reply

    i love her look overall , the head band too -don’t like her shoes though do u know where i can get the dress or a contact of pria’s studio i just love her stuff ,dont know where to get it .

  11. zina at | | Reply

    boring. typical silver dress, typycal paris hilton style. nothing new!

  12. Rita at | | Reply

    How many Indian designers do you know who have clients like PARIS HILTON & MADONNA ?
    chill guys; she looks great
    so proud of Pria & so proud to be Indian ;)

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