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  1. PC at | | Reply

    OMG.. Priyanka..Stop wearing such tacky clothes.. We all know u have a well toned body.. no need to show it off in such tacky outfits.

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      +!. Her clothes are mostly tight and sleeveless and shiny and short (if they are dresses).

  2. Anon at | | Reply

    Love kat! Her easy smile makes this look.
    No comments on pc!

  3. Ena at | | Reply

    Parineeti looks the nicest – most effortless and yet pretty. But the pose is a tad awkward.
    Katrina looks to plain.
    Priyanka’s trying to hard – yet again.

    1. Srilalitha at | | Reply

      +1 Parineeti looks very sweet

  4. Asha at | | Reply

    Just looking at Priyanka’s top is making me breathless…and not in a good way.

    Parineeti wins this round inspite of the awkward posing. Simple and effortless.

  5. monika at | | Reply

    Kat looks amazing…easy breezy & that smile makes all the difference.. love her casual look. PC looks hideous…stop trying so hard& Parineeti looks so conscious.

    1. ahot at | | Reply

      Hideous? really? it´s not that serious!

      1. monika at | | Reply

        Well, the smirk on the face, the super tight leather top, shiny shoes… adds up to what i said

        1. Ahot at | | Reply

          Shiny shoes? Smirk? When everyone can see that she is looking really sad? That my friend, is a non-smile if i´ve ever seen one, & fail to see how that makes her “hideous”. Me think you musn´t like her at all (which is fine), hence the personal attacks….

          1. Adara at |

            Agreed! I don’t see anything tacky. I don’t even see any make up. She seems comfortable in her skinny denims and sleeveless and i think that is as normal you can get to go watch a movie! Maybe not that top but nothing even border line tacky.

        2. Mp at | | Reply

          Agree with @ ahot – that’s not a smirk. She just lost her dad and it looks like she might have been crying. Face and eyes are swollen. That said, she could go easy on the “fashion” for movie screenings.

    2. S at | | Reply

      Hideous is right. That outfit plus that hair!

  6. Amrutha at | | Reply

    Would anyone know what is kat wearing on her feet ?In love with those sandals !!!!

    1. Chiclets at | | Reply

      Love Kat’s sandals! Whr can i get them please?

      1. sonia at | | Reply

        i think those are zara sandals!

    2. PC at | | Reply

      They could be Steve Madden or Aldo not able to recollect which one it is.. But have definitely seen those in a store

      1. Chiclets at | | Reply

        I saw them here:
        Lola Cruz @ Neiman Marcus (cannot paste link)

  7. ahot at | | Reply

    Loved the pants & sandals on Karina, shake my head @Parineeti! She is way too casual for this imo. I loved PC´s look from head to toe, interesting shoes. I don´t see how people can hate this. She & Zoya were among the best dressed. Very interesting.

    1. $ at | | Reply

      Karina? you mean katrina? :P

      1. Ahot at | | Reply

        Oops! Katrina of course! ^^

  8. sonia at | | Reply

    kat looks nice here….like parineeti’s look too…priyanka has such a hot body yaar….but whats with thaaaaaat top!

  9. Gayatri at | | Reply

    I like Katrina’s look best, although it is so very similar to http://www.highheelconfidential.com/travelvogue-deepika-padukone-photographed-at-the-airport/

    1. dn at | | Reply

      The look reminded me of DP’s too! Katrina looks cool and comfy too.

  10. $ at | | Reply

    Although looking nice but parineeti is looking tooo conscious..like PC’s look but i really dislike her hair…Kat looking best of all…her look instantly reminded me of DP’s http://www.highheelconfidential.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/deepika-padukone-photographed-at-mumbai-airport.jpg

    <3 kat's footwears..but whats with that pose? :P

  11. abihlasha at | | Reply

    Priyanka looks tacky.

    Parineeti is okay.

    Katrina’s look is very nice, cute with the “manly” wide-legged pose if you know what i mean.

  12. resham at | | Reply

    Parneeti looks she’s wearing a baniyan…she should have worn a better top.

  13. hasan at | | Reply

    PC looks hot. I like her look. Its atleast a change from white top and coloured pant style.

    1. Adara at | | Reply

      Ditto!White top and colored denims is SO done. I see every other person wearing that same combo.

  14. fashionistaa at | | Reply

    oh priyanka, priyanka! always thhat one element that spoils the entire outfit! well here its more like 2, that belt and those UGLY shoes!

  15. Mikaela at | | Reply

    Parineeti it is.. simply lovely!,
    Kat has a Monica Geller ‘forehead vein pop’ moment, erm the pose is weird.
    PC’s got leather mercies or the opposite?

  16. Ena at | | Reply

    Parineeti nails it for me.
    Dont care for Kat’s top or PC’s top/ belt/ shoes.

  17. Anon at | | Reply

    Does anyone know who designed the dress that Katrina Kaif wore to Bhansali’s birthday? It was a hot pink creation which she wore with nude heels. I’ve been looking everywhere but can’t seem to find the answer. Thanks!

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