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  1. rina at | | Reply

    She is winning awards at every show but her style is so lacklustre.Didn’t think i would say this but her cousin PC needs to lend her her stylist!

  2. rash at | | Reply

    Exactly my first thought! There are so many more interesting shoe choices and still 70% of celebrity here choose the boring ones! Loved her ankles up!

  3. Nav at | | Reply

    I would have loved to see green pumps. She’s beautiful nonetheless.

  4. ig at | | Reply

    gorgeous necklace!

  5. s.s. at | | Reply

    she is a beautiful girl and a rocking actress but i don’t like anything that she’s wearing here.

  6. rB at | | Reply

    Forget the shoes.. my only grouse is that she is soo underdressed in all these award shows… this look is something that she can wear for a success party or a birthday party not an award show.. that too when you are sure about winning and going on the stage to give an acceptance speech..

  7. Srilalitha at | | Reply

    Wow, she looks cool, the necklace is such a good add on….but yeah, shoes – why couldn’t she find some interesting one than this ….

  8. Megha Sarin at | | Reply

    She is cute

  9. payal at | | Reply

    something’sweird about the fit of the dress at the waist

  10. sukh at | | Reply

    is she trying to style herself like anushka-very understated and casual? it’s a guess….however her looks always end up underwhelming…..she’ll probably get into a more chic groove as she spends more time in the industry..

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