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Parineeti has been busy over the last few days promoting her movie Kill Dil and gave us three quite different looks while at it. Which one is your favorite?


Parineeti Chopra at Kill Dil Promotions
Look 1: Geisha Designs, Outhouse necklace & Louboutin pumps
Look 2: Neha Taneja, Mrinalini Chandra brooch & Jimmy Choo pumps
Look 3: Zara and Aquamarine ring

Photo Credit: Twitter


  1. Look 1 : Bad. The bollywood hair & pout ruins the little chance the separates may have had.
    Look 2 : Okay. It could have worked if not for those ugly pointy shoes.
    Look 3 : Too tight and ends up looking nasty.

  2. I really like Look 1. I don’t mind the dramatic hair. The skirt is gorgeous and the shoes are great. What the hell was her stylist thinking regarding look 3?

    • +10000000000 You made my day. I was thinking exactly the same. She really has to find herself when it comes to clothes. Maybe she needs time or maybe she shouldn’t try that much.

  3. i wonder how she fit into 1 and 3rd outfit. despite getting muft ka advice from sonam – she still continues to wear those tight clothes

  4. No wonder she has to hold on to her breath. She had to fit into two sizes too small. That third look is so idiotic even for her standards of never finding body type appropriate clothes.


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