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DEI promotions today saw Parineeti in a red Forever New dress that was worn with gold t-strap sandals. Of her promotional looks till date, this has got to be one of her best. The reason being, I can’t fault a single thing about it. Love the simplicity of it.

Her other appearances have either had innerwear issues or been just very lackluster. Catch them inside.


Parineeti Chopra at Daawat-E-Ishq Promotions


Parineeti Chopra at Daawat-E-Ishq Promotions

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. That stripe dress is plain bad ! also i used to like her smile..which is been replaced by “see i can look like one of those” expression…her hair in red dress is what DP has been sporting these days..pulled back and then pulled out strands..

  2. Why is Parineeti aping DP so much – in her clothes, her hairstyle and expression. I think she has totally lost her originality which was so endearing, if nothing else. Being glamorous and fit doesn’t mean one should become a cookie cutter model.
    I think sometimes these celebrities are surrounded by ill-advising people who can’t understand that individuality makes anybody more attractive.

  3. Absolutely hate all the outfits and the highlighted hair. She’s trying unbelievably hard to look hot and it’s backfiring like no other. People need to play off on their strengths and looking hot/sexy is not Parineeti’s. Her stylist is seriously the worst! Why is she so incapable of making Parineeti look real, likable and beautiful? That’s what we want to see, not tight and unflattering dresses.

  4. why would she wear minis with sneakers .. alia bhatt has already done that look to death..wearing something similar would just not look original


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