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  1. Ruchika at | | Reply

    just yesterday i was thinking y dont i see Preity much on ur blog but lo and behold, she looks stunning. ty.

  2. simran-rao at | | Reply

    man seeing Preity in the lime light after a long time!
    she is looking younger for some reason…both look like they are missing make up…hence they look tired!! normally they are caked with makeup to look gorgeous!
    priyanka looks bad! preity looks so so !

  3. Keshi at | | Reply

    Preity looks so beautiful. But is that really Priyanka? WOW she doesnt look so pretty as I thought her to be.


  4. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Preity needs a makeup artist.

  5. Anonymous at | | Reply

    can someone ID priety’s bag?thanks

  6. Anonymous at | | Reply

    you know when i saw Priyanka on tv, when they showed her at that fashion show…it looked like she was extremely tired and just washed out. but then i thought,”what do i know? she’s loaded and has designers on her back, she would know better”

    but i guess i was wrong!

    Preity’s smart for hiding behind her sunnies…however, she looks nice anyways

  7. kirthi at | | Reply


  8. ananya_s at | | Reply

    man i lurrve preity’s dress n pumps!!

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