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  1. monika at | | Reply

    Very tasteful jewellery!!

  2. Too Porr to be on HHC at | | Reply

    They are not bad in the most broad term. Mostly they look like a kindergarten-ers vision of jewellery- little colourfoul beads, dangly things etc. Is that golden corn of wheat like thing going to be her trademark? It seems to be there is each peice.

  3. Lalitha at | | Reply

    I had no idea that Padma was qualified to be a cook or jewellery designer! I love the media&entertainment business, get famous in one arena and apply it to the next! Some of the designs are pretty but overpriced!

  4. anonymous at | | Reply

    nothing greattttt

  5. Sim at | | Reply

    I think they’re were featured in this month’s InStyle? They look so tacky. Manju Jasty makes amazing jewellery.

  6. Adit at | | Reply

    they are okay….its more for the American sensibilities.

  7. Saniya at | | Reply

    The pieces don’t look worth $6000, or even $600.

  8. Elysia at | | Reply

    @Too Porr – Just what I was thinking…Looks like a tasteful kid has designed these…

  9. Su at | | Reply

    there is nthn on that collection that is even remotely worth $60, let alone $600 or $6000!

  10. Su at | | Reply


  11. Su at | | Reply

    and WTF is “The Nav”

  12. pdaervo at | | Reply

    well, she has written a few cook books :) but about the jewlery, I’m not to sure (although, it’s not particularly hard to learn how to design jelwery)
    it’s pretty,simple and elegant-reminds me of her
    I like

  13. Ritu at | | Reply

    Terrible – all junk!!!

  14. ad at | | Reply

    Some of the pieces are to die for while the others (earrings) are not that special. I wish the Indian jewellery designers take some inspiration coz most of the stuff we get here is downright ugly and very traditional at its core.

  15. simran at | | Reply

    quite boring actually

  16. simran at | | Reply

    i would rather spend on really creative hand made jewelry from etsy , some designers are SO good there

  17. ambreen at | | Reply

    @Lalitha= totally agree with you
    some pieces are nice, but the jewellery you get in India by our designers is way way better coz the fact is that they are qualified jewellery designers and you can see the creativity and innovation in their designs..

  18. girlydiva at | | Reply

    pathetic…i wouldnt buy it even if it was priced at 6 dollars…ugh…

  19. rubywoo at | | Reply

    Wow – 600 – 6000 bucks… hmmm think I’ll pass.

    On an aside I had no idea Padma was qualified, trained or even had an interest in jewellary design but then a girl’s gots to do what a girl’s gots to do!

  20. D at | | Reply

    I like.

  21. bubs at | | Reply

    very unamazing – looks a lot like shes copying some of amrapalis less impressive designs.

  22. Genie at | | Reply

    Nothin ‘wow’ abt…common designs with high price tag!…I wouldnt wish to buy!

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  25. April at | | Reply

    What’s so unique about this jewellery?

  26. Divya at | | Reply

    Hey Too Porr to be on HHC ..you hit the nail on the head…apparently she was inspired by things of nature…cloves and all.
    Maybe I am too Indian when it comes to Jewelery but I love intricate designs..and I adore simplicity too just not when it mostly comprises of cardamom looking things.

  27. Nepali at | | Reply

    Models, socialites and celebs, please study arts or design or craftsmanship, then create a brand or label. If not, hire a professional person with a creative vision then put the price tag.

  28. Ashi at | | Reply

    That triple strand necklace is lovely. Though probably $500 more than I would be willing to pay, lol.

  29. CocoNUT at | | Reply

    I kinda like some pieces, the designs are very delicate and simple, i really like the cuff. I KNOW there will be people buying these pieces…most likely celebrities more than anyone

  30. Indian Girl at | | Reply

    @Nepali : well said
    That green bracelet can be found in its non gold form all over Indian street markets.. All that’s her is the brand name. Most often celebrity books, cosmetics, perfumes hardly take any hard work on the celebrity’s part. All they have to do is lend their name. Some with a conscience try to do more than that. All being said, I love Padma Lakshmi on Top Chef. Its nice to see she has taken a LOT of inspiration from India for her collection. Wish it were more affordable.
    The website is too slow…I understand the serene experience they are trying to create but I’m tired before I get to the products…

  31. Indian Girl at | | Reply

    green choker…

  32. sony at | | Reply

    nothing grt abt the collection

  33. ~M! at | | Reply

    i actually like the cuff quite a bit.. i always find it hard to find modern gold jewelry with the blingy/shiny/ornamental look (not sayng I love all of her designs)

    so i kinda love the matte finish.. as far as the designs i cud see liking some of these.. liek the cuffs, triple strand necklaces etc..

    there are so many of these type of brands in the US – between Kiat, Judith Jack, Roberto Coin etc. I am sure her stuff will sell!

  34. suchi at | | Reply

    i actually like the jewellery. i am not commenting on the prices, but the designs are pretty nice and wearable and go with western clothes pretty well. usually indian ethnic jewellers sticks out awkwardly on western clothes. she managed to blend eastadn west pretty well.

  35. ~M! at | | Reply

    i meant without the blingy/shiny/ornamental look

  36. U at | | Reply

    The problem with non-desi jewelry is that it’s all so unimpressive and so overpriced. If it’s desi inspired then it’s worse because they’re selling stuff that I could buy off the streets a billion times cheaper.

  37. Lushgreenapple at | | Reply

    She has just taken the junk jewelry from the bylane shops of India and given them a snazzy price tag.

  38. MK at | | Reply

    I think its a great collection. Its much better than other celebrity collections in the market.
    I like it, the whole collection looks very delicate and feminine. I will by it if its not outrageously over priced.

  39. MK at | | Reply

    You guys might wanna check out Tanishq’s US collection on their US website. Its really great, they have a store in Chicago, I wish they were here in NYC though ! sigh…!
    I particularly like the Spring and Lotus collections.

  40. sony at | | Reply

    @ MK
    thx for the tanishq US site…i didnt knw they had a store here

  41. herdisnot at | | Reply

    I like PL’s take on the lowkey aspect of jewelry. I like her easy clasps, the details as well. Goes well with western outfits with a touch of east. Of course you may find similar themes in India, but I get excited when it finds an audience in the mainstream west. Good going Padma!

  42. Ratan at | | Reply

    Very blah….. nothing that appeals!!

    @ ad – I wonder where you have been looking at jewelry to say our Indian jewelry designers make ugly jewelry!! Maybe you haven’t heard / seen jewelry by Amrapali, Tanishq, Gili etc. I think Indian jewelry has no comparison – and don’t be too quick to put down the traditional designs, they are classic forms of art and you’d be surprised to learn H’wood stars sporting some of those traditional designs!!

  43. Shweta at | | Reply

    I actually like it. But it is nothing special…well I hope I am making sense lol:)

  44. hana at | | Reply

    nothing new, but she’ll sure make lots of money only w/ her label on it.

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