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  1. Macy at | | Reply

    Hmmm – do not like the way Padma tied the saree. She looks pretty ordinary.

  2. lady gaga at | | Reply

    as much as I lov the color of the saree n the contrasting very well styled blouse..i feel its a tad bit too transparent..i wish the front had more work done so that it dint look as see thru as it does..it kind of totally defeats the purpose of a sari..looks more like a desperate attempt to show off her awesome post baby body than wearn the ethnic garment on its true essense…!!

  3. Raj at | | Reply

    I love this sari and the colour combo, but I also feel like the blouse looks off. I actually think that it is the draping of sari and if the pallu was pulled up a little higher it would look better.

  4. dn at | | Reply

    Please, this is tacky, don’t care if it is a Sabya saree. She looks like she is ready for a Chandni bar shoot with that blouse and drape.

  5. sara at | | Reply

    The arm hole of the blouse is too fitted, it’s making her arm pits look chubby. I also hate the darts on her boobs.

  6. herdisnot at | | Reply

    Not a fan of the sheer tinsel sari. Sabya is becoming boring, and he is churning out predictability. I used to love his colors, textures, and prints. All I see now are velvet linings, gold roping, sheer sarees with predictable colors like an assembly line mass appeal.
    Padma looks fabulous despite the sari. She is in great shape, and somehow anyone else would have looked cheap in that get-up.

  7. Zaza at | | Reply

    Pada looks fab here, but I agree with you about the blouse, a little more would go a long way! Nevertheless, she looks great!

  8. Zaza at | | Reply


  9. RS at | | Reply

    Really? She looks tacky, if you ask me. Hate the drape and hate the sari too. Vidya Balan suddenly seems super dignified in comparison.

    1. sev at | | Reply

      Why suddenly? I woun;d ever accuse Vidya of lacking dignity in her taste of outfits. In fact, the worst you could call her would be matronly….never undignified..

      1. Saya at | | Reply

        Well, VidyaB has been spotted couple of times in sheer sarees showing off her belly area.

  10. RS at | | Reply

    Why do women insist on wearing saris if they want to just show off their fabulously toned bodies? They should wear short western clothes maybe.

  11. mary at | | Reply

    I wouldn’t call it the prude in you but rather the tenets of aesthetics. Just as there is something off about a sari with full sleeves or a billowing anarkali with long sleeves and flowing dupatta, conversely there is something aesthetically skewed about a sari with no sleeves and yards worth of cloth missing in the mid riff and back. It is infinitely more stylish when only particular area of the anatomy i.e. the arms, torso or the back are highlighted but not all. I totally agree.

    1. Ss at | | Reply

      Good reply.

  12. Zarine Mohideen at | | Reply

    Why do most celebrities go the ‘one boob uncovered’ way? The point of wearing a Saree is the elegance and that is lost in the process.

    This Sabyasachi Saree is beautiful. With a proper blouse and a decent draping it will look more fetching. Although, yes, she does look pretty in this.

  13. sinlesschocolate at | | Reply

    the sari is nice but the one boob thing really kills the elegance of a sari…

  14. Jay at | | Reply

    Remembered this outfit on Kareena when I saw what Padmalakshmi was wearing!


    1. annie at | | Reply

      manish’s sari is much better compared to this.

  15. Chocolate Martini at | | Reply

    Padma’s probably going to be demonized for the blouse, but it doesn’t look too terrible on her.

    Sleeves would have improved the look considerably (the blouse looks a bit like a Playtex bra) but I love the colors and I think Padma can carry this off without looking skanky. I like.

  16. ash at | | Reply

    As you say nice to see her in a saree, but despite it being a Sabyasachi, these sarees have been done to death now. The transparent front and pallu over the benares pleats/contrast borders ect. I saw these being copied in every mid range boutique in India when I was there a couple of years back. Sabya. may have been the first to do it but I prefer his silks and cottons. Oh, and the blouse is a bit tacky also.

  17. Heaven at | | Reply

    You didnt comment on the drape. The same ole one boob showing. Am so tired of these drapes. Wish they would realize that a properly draped saree adds to the beauty.

  18. Bsimple at | | Reply

    Besides the one-boob neglect, the pleats are oh-so-wrong! looks like she was tryin to avoid the pallu from sweeping the floor and ended up tucking the extra fabric near the right side of her waist….I dont get it…aren’t saris the usually the right length for tall women and can be draped well enough so that the pallu doesnt sweep the floor? another sad case is Deepika whose pallu ends up falling short…I wonder why? Sadly takes away another feminine aspect of the look!

  19. V at | | Reply

    I like the saree but I somehow dont like Padma in it. Wayyy too toned arms for that blouse…somehow its not clicking for me

  20. lolita at | | Reply

    Ok, Thanks for the heads up PnP!

    I have saved this pic under the folder “how NOT TO wear a perfectly gorgeous saree”….it’ll also remind me that a sleeveless blouse doesn’t always equal trendy…it can look tacky if not worn properly!

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      lol…..I also save some photos from here when i like the look. This one i dint bother saving though with that tag it wld fit.
      Wtheyy for me ! unflatteringly Masculine, Cheap and tacky. Wouldnt have thought she is Indian from that drape.

  21. Zara at | | Reply

    The blouse looks like a heavy-duty support bra. I agree with what others have said above – the issue is really a lack of balance. A sheer sari requires a blouse with more coverage. Similarly, long-sleeved blouses look matronly when paired with heavy, silk sarees. Cap sleeves and better draping would have made a huge difference in this appearance.

  22. diptiN at | | Reply

    I do like her hair/make up/earrings and the fact that she is not wearing a necklace. I am not a fan of transparent saris and I agree that the draping is wrong, including the one boob out.

  23. anu at | | Reply

    I’m prob in the minority here but I love the sari except for the blouse… the drape could be better but she does have a fantastic body!

  24. barfly at | | Reply

    To start with Sabyasacchi is over rated as a designer, repititive and not innovative. Padma looks sleezy in the badly drapped sari and the blouse that looks tacky.

  25. CK at | | Reply

    I think its OK on Padma, cause she has a real good physique. Besides, I have seen Bollywood actresses wear much more miniature blouses. It didn’t look as miuch bra-esque to me, maybe cause I have seen worse.

  26. the mad momma at | | Reply

    net sarees are always tacky. i have no issue with her blouse.

  27. Nitya at | | Reply

    Something about this look is so wrong. The saree is not worn correctly, the pallu is so short , the blouse is not right.. and …I cant put my finger to it! She doesnt look good in it.

    1. lazyU at | | Reply

      I agree..

  28. Malaika Nair at | | Reply

    PnP! Why did you waste this page of yours. Nothing grt abt the saree or the drape or the blouse. For this one boob and midribb expose, they shd go for skimpy western outfits. Why use the saree for this.

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      lol…agree ! Feel the same towards half boobs shows and this type of midriff exposure.

  29. VR at | | Reply

    i just feel that people with very toned bodies especially the arms do not look very good in sarees & skimpy blouses… saree is good otherwise but overall effect on Padma .. not too gr8

    1. anon at | | Reply

      no true… shilpa drapes it well

  30. Ana at | | Reply

    The saris that normal women wear are always tied above the navel. No celeb ties it like that. That, and the pallu draped over just half the chest will always look like skanky to me. :(

  31. arpitha at | | Reply

    looks like she forgot to wear her blouse over the bra.

  32. prat at | | Reply

    yes, you are being prudish….. she is one hot momma and hi-5 to her for owning it…. we see other celebs dressed in ill fitted clothes with cut-outs in places they should never be… and they are applauded…. Padma makes a saree sexy and that is something most indian resident starlets are still struggling with

  33. Moh at | | Reply

    Nice sari…horrible drape.why is she draping the pallu so low…its already a transparent saree.Her look is not crisp…..its shabby.
    She can look much better

  34. debbie at | | Reply

    Padma doesnot have the figure to carry off a saree. She is muscular and athletic and therefore the saree looks completely wrong on her body type. Also too much exposing happening with this particular drape.

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