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Padma Lakshmi looked radiant at the ‘Sex and the City 2’ premiere wearing a halter-neck Naeem Khan dress with yellow strappy sandals. The long gown from this collection was one of our favorite creations from this season and I would have loved to see that on Padma but considering it is already Spring in New York, it might have been too hot to wear.

Catch everyone else’s look from the red carpet on Red Carpet Fashion Awards Here.

Update: Added more pics. Turns out the dress isn’t a halter neck like I originally thought.


Left: Naeem Khan, Fall 2008
Right: Padma Lakshmi at ‘Sex and the City:2’ Premiere


Padma Lakshmi at ‘Sex and the City:2’ Premiere

Photo Credit: Wireimage


  1. The shapes on this dress are not flattering Ms. Lakshmi at all. THERE’S A GIANT SQUARE ON HER MIDDLE! That’s the first thing you look at, and she’s only recently had a baby!
    Not exactly an equation for success.
    The hair and accessories are very… meh looking.
    It’s 66 F in Southern California, I don’t think it was too hot to wear the long dress.

  2. I hate it! You’re talking a movie premiere, not just any movie, it’s SATC for god’s sake! She could’ve totally worn the longer version, it isn’t that hot in NY. She needs to hire the stylist who dresses her up for TV..STAT!

    • After that golden disaster at the Costume Gala (of all the events), I stopped having any expectations. Probably why am not bothered by this look! :)

  3. This is a very unflattering look for her. And the bangles, regardless of her intention to welcome in Spring, look HORRIBLE and cheap. It’s the premiere of SEX AND THE CITY for God’s sake, have some mercy on the fashion Gods.

  4. Love the dress- looks edgy. Hate the bangles and slick makeup. Still, this is unacceptable for SATC. Where’s the color, spunk, vivacity?

  5. She really needs to add colour to her face. It looks like she has no eyebrows, no lips and probably no nose. Just a blank golden brown expanse of an excuse for a face. A pity coz she can look awesome with some changes in her makeup.

  6. sometimes she looks preety n sometimes really shes 2D..i mean her face it looks so flat sometimes..n the dress is nothin very extraordinary

  7. This dress is very normal dress…nothing special about it.Looks like a simple casual dress or sundress.
    Bangles are really irritating….me.I dont like the shoes either but w/o bangles, she wd hve been appreciated for adding color .

  8. Love the workmanship on the dress, but totally not a fit for her. is that a huge scar on her right arm? the mismatched bangles and shoes are not cool…

  9. its suchaa cute sun-dress!
    not very flattering on Padma though!
    The fit/makeup/accessories/shoes, everything is off!

  10. Actually its a dress from Fall 2008 collection not 2010. She looks radiant and the embroidery on the dress is exquisite but i wish if she opted for better accessories. The accessories lets the whole look down for me.

  11. It’s a dress that sadly does not look nearly as expensive as it probably cost, and it’s incredibly unflattering on Padma, who has a broad body. The accessories are pretty bad, and they make the entire outfit look like a WalMart advertisement.

  12. Padma Lakshmi is very pretty and the model’s version of the dress is fabulous. Most 44 year old ex-models cannot compete with a 20 something model. P L looks great.


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