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  1. Farah at | | Reply

    P’n’P, the captions are changed in the last pic. They need to be interchanged!!

  2. Ritu at | | Reply

    That is the most beautiful birkin I have seen. Styled very well too. Just when I was getting used to seeing pics of celebs carrying them with chappals and salwar kameezs.

  3. Phoenix at | | Reply

    She seems very bobbleheadish in the pic with the Birkin, not sure if it’s the way she’s standing or her outfit but I think she should wear less voluminous clothing in her top half to lessen the bobblehead effect. I also really don’t like her makeup it seems very colorless and is making her look gaunt. This being said, I think she has as an amazing looking body but I hope she is being healthy.

    1. Purple at | | Reply

      I agree. I wish she’d change up her makeup a bit…it’s always the bronzey-neutral looks.

  4. paddy at | | Reply

    Padma looks fantastic! Thanks for posting!

  5. DramaQueen at | | Reply

    Such a delish birkin…and yet she olds the phone in her hands….lol

    1. DramaQueen at | | Reply


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