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  1. Saya at | | Reply

    What a bod (she’s what like 40?)..is all that i can think of looking at the pic!

    1. me at | | Reply

      she maybe 40..but she’s never had kids and jennifer aniston looks better than her for the same age. She just looks…broad

  2. pdaervo at | | Reply

    GOOD GOD SHE’S HOT! If I can look like that when I’m 40 something I’ll die happy.
    It’s DEFINITELY too informal for the Emmy’s but I can’t say that she looks bad, honestly. The colors are great on her skin. It’s obviously the middle of Top Chef, lol, but I like her with some weight on her so :)

    1. pdaervo at | | Reply

      oh…she’s 39

  3. deewani at | | Reply

    except for the roses everything else looks good …

  4. Roni at | | Reply

    Minus the red roses on the side of the gown..she actually looks great. Love the hairdo and the gown.

  5. Nick at | | Reply

    not a regular red carpet look i suppose.. but she is a pretty lady

  6. Anu at | | Reply

    Minus the weird rosettes, the dress isn’t too bad. What IS bad is that horrible hair-do. But she is smokin’ hot. Amazing body.

    1. Anu at | | Reply

      P.S. Just saw Padma sitting down with her mom at the emmys. Awwwww. Her mom was rocking sari.

  7. sandra at | | Reply

    fresh skin…I like

  8. sha at | | Reply

    this is no priyanka chopra moment! nobody comes anywhere close to a priyanka-chopra-day this week, than priyanka herself.

    however, if we’re going to compare the two, then padma lakshmi is definitely off the hook. in more ways than one.

  9. KK at | | Reply

    OH WOW.. I had no idea she was almost 40! She looks really good. I don’t like the dress at all .. what’s up with those red rosettes on the side?!

  10. Me at | | Reply

    I’m sorry..she’s stunning..love the outfit, hairdo, make up ..everything! What’s not to like again?

  11. ash at | | Reply

    whats that thing on her dress!? Is her spleen oozing out!?

    1. preeths at | | Reply

      lmao .. good one

    2. Addicted at | | Reply


      1. shopaholicNY at | | Reply

        hmm well..it would be funny..except that the spleen would have been on the left side….

    3. Belle at | | Reply

      ahaha ewww….i didnt even think of spleen…my first thought was pancreas

  12. EM. at | | Reply

    What’s the red thing that is growing on the dress? Except for that… whatever it is.. she looks really good. Maybe not suited to the event but it looks great on her.

  13. Enne at | | Reply

    what is up with taht updo??!!
    like the dress with out those red fleurs and seriously Padma, get a new pair of earrings, or design some more…

    1. Arti at | | Reply

      My thoughts exactly—she wears these earings on every episode of Top Cehf and every event..yawn..funny she even makers Co-Judge Gale Simmons wear earrings from her collection too….:)

  14. P at | | Reply

    What happened to the whole zing tv scoop?? Did your lawyer tell you to take it down or something? I hope you are suing zee’s ass off … good luck!!

  15. Pri at | | Reply

    Wow she is so hot! But for a Badgley Mischka – just as a dress for that matter – this dress looks a bit tacky with the back tie up straps and all the grecian style straps on the side..and maybe it’s that combined with her massive hair do that looks oh so pageanty that is a NO .. bah. But she is still smokinnggggggg so we can excuse this appearance :)

  16. Carol at | | Reply

    I’m going to sound like an old fuddy duddy but I’m bored of sleazy attention grabbing outfits. I miss old world elegance and style.

    Padma has a great body but she would look even better in a nice elegant gown. As it is, she does not stand out because she is just one of many women in revealing gowns.

  17. Sharin at | | Reply

    I can’t see past anything other than the amazing body and skin.

  18. Tongue in Chic at | | Reply

    Padma has a slamming bod all right, but the placement of those rosettes, the light and the pose sort of make her look like she’s preggers.

    Also, while I do like her jewellery, why is it invariably the same necklace/ pair of earrings we see on her?

  19. monika at | | Reply

    Love her body & her make-up.

  20. JAzz at | | Reply

    Isnt she strikingly similar to Arjun Rampal’s wife? Jesse or whatever??? And I agree with pdearvo, she’s almost 40 and still looks soooooo hot, she’ll give a 20 yr old a run for her money!

  21. Swishy Set at | | Reply

    Can’t believe Mark Badgleyand James MischKa made that dress (gown?). Those rosettes look so out of place, I agree with you, except for the colour, nothing goes. The cut and pattern of the dress is no good, like the gathers do not flatter her stomach.. Those earrings don’t go at all with her ensemble and the bun? Oof!

  22. Nisha at | | Reply

    She would have looked better in just a plain black dress. The dress is not nice at all! Her hair looks bad too!

  23. Flower Power at | | Reply

    the dress is rubbish but i love the way she’s carrying it, oozing confidence — she owns that red carpet!

  24. sim at | | Reply

    who cares she has a great body and that is all i see

  25. paris at | | Reply

    even though i don’t like the dress, padma is totally rocking it! the color is gorgeous and she carries it off oh so well!

  26. vixen at | | Reply

    What a stunner n wat a stunning body!!! Wow!! She’s gorgeous. Who’s even lookin at d dress, wen u hv a body like tat!!!

  27. sania chaudhri at | | Reply

    i think she looks fab!

  28. ashi at | | Reply

    she’s ugly..!! i hate the tacky earings.. ughhh

  29. Pri at | | Reply

    She wears the same necklace and earrings because they are from her new jewelery collection and she’s prob wearing it to promote them

  30. girlie at | | Reply

    Wow! Not the dress…the colour is nice otherwise I dislike it immensely… those roses are an eyesore and straps do not work at all but wow for padma lakshmi…she looks fab :)

  31. judgevik at | | Reply

    great dress, amazing legs!!

  32. pinky at | | Reply

    She looks stunning even at that age…

  33. Sheba at | | Reply

    I think I saw this pic and the text in today’s TOI..

  34. khushi kaur at | | Reply

    Such a great BOD at such an age and after having a baby……I would happily die for it!!
    I don’t know why she is being compared with Pryanka???? There is not much common ground for the comparison…… PS Padma has certainly much much better assets than Priyanka….

  35. rushil at | | Reply

    oh man…..she is the girl with the “SEXY BACK”!! and hot ass!! SOLD! 10 on 10! go figure!

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