1. This is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time! I couldn’t stop laughing.
    On a more serious note, I hope this paves the way for a more liberal, tolerant society. Its amazing how we Indians are averse to public displays of love and affection but totally accepting of fights and abuses shouted out aloud.

  2. Fabulous idea. Why is it that the onus is always on the women of india hold up our culture??? and what the hell is indian culture anyway??India is a nation of hundreds of different cultures.
    Its so ironic that people in this country steadfastly refuse to acknowledge the exustence of sex…obviously we are having a lot of it, going by the number of us.

  3. so the shri ram sena members think that it is right to beat up a woman in Indian culture?? hideous! yay for the pink chaddi campaign.. however there could have been a more dignified approach to let the narrow-minded ppl understand the modern mindset…

  4. me already joined!!!!
    @deewani: wat exactly is a “more dignified” approach? protests? debate shows? havent we been doing that from donkey years??

    kudos to susan and nsha thomas for this cheeky yet “in your face” campaign thats making waves all over the world! its already on BBC and fox news.

    my only problem…
    wish the chaddi in the pic was an itsy bitsy frilly g thang :)))

  5. i’ve heard that the shri ram sena members are going to go around on valentine’s day and when they spot an unmarried couple they are going to try and get them to either get married or tie rakhis. how silly is that? i really hope things don’t get violent this valentine’s day.

  6. perfct way 2 gt at dem…
    Indian culture huh??dnt dese ppl hv an iota of shame??wat business is it of theirs if females go pubbing…..gawdd….dese ppl need 2 b shown dat women WONT take ne shit lying down…..
    sure as hell m all for it!!

  7. strange that they call themselves shri ram sena..when ram is known for his respect for women as he was maryada purshotum. I am certainly in…have sent this link to all my lady friends

  8. from ancient times, the women were allowed to choose her own husband, marry many husbands (Draupadi), wear whatever she wanted…and then came these men, who should not even be called the moral police, becos he should first study the scriptures and realise the first rule, the woman comes first. I would send him a chaddi, if I thought he was worth it, maybe one that is OLD :)

  9. somehow…i am not sure what they are trying to achieve….it looks a bit out of context to send chaddis….i am sure there must be a better way to make these so called “moral police” ashamed..


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