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  1. sunshine87 at | | Reply

    wowww payal and pri.. you guys catch like everything!!! great job.. i really love your blog.. i chose to go into finance for a career instead of fashion, so this is now my daily savior haha :)

  2. Anonymous at | | Reply

    its not working on natasha, who is she anyway?a model? anyhoo she looks bad cuz her arms are fat,she needs to work em out , on the other hand fergie is totally rocking!!

  3. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Natasha P. is one lucky girl! all the money in the world, a great body and above she has some taste in clothes…

  4. kannu at | | Reply

    d dress is not looking gr8 on natasha ….

  5. Anonymous at | | Reply

    There is a knock off of that Burberry belt at Zara – it is selling so fast!!

  6. Protyasha at | | Reply

    Personally, i like the blue better on blondes.

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