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  1. Mami at | | Reply

    Nishka for sure.
    Shraddha’s distressed denims are too OTT for me.

  2. Sej at | | Reply

    Except for that BV clutch the rest of both pictures are a hot mess from head to toe IMO.

  3. pettyfogger at | | Reply

    Totally love Shraddha’s look – the pink suspenders and even the lip colour! It’s so laid back, fun, and the distressed denims does not pull the look down at all. She looks great. Inspired to try that look myself sometime. Nothing about the other girl interests me, really. So boring despite her effort to match her nails with her clutch.

  4. thePURPLEspirit at | | Reply

    Nishka’s wearing a FOREVER NEW dress… and I dont like it one bit!! How can she make an edgy dress look tween n cute … n not in a good way!!

    1. sam at | | Reply

      i would say that its a good thing for a dress to wear ure personality rather than u wearing a dress to define ure style!

  5. Nat at | | Reply

    Shraddha!! Who would dare to carry off suspenders? Good 1!!

  6. sonal at | | Reply

    Nishka for sure! Shraddha looks to regular for my liking. Don’t like that look one bit, I would wear that to go to the movies with my boyfriend. Nishka however looks awesome

  7. shradha at | | Reply

    Nishka rocks ! pretty and charming

  8. rohan at | | Reply

    Nishka has the charisma ..

  9. annie at | | Reply

    Shradhaa is just too gorgeous. I love her’s and Sonya Mehra’s style. It is much better than carbon copy of hollywood that sonam kapoor wears and the boring denims and tee look of Deepika.

    1. pinkk at | | Reply

      totally agree with u i think these 2(sonya n shraddha) will be the next Sonam and Deepika except cooler! :) love them already!

  10. PennyLane at | | Reply

    Nishak’s dress is sooooo NOT girly! That’s an awesome rockstar dress with leather trims and metal studs on the bodice and black tulle on the skirt! It is so super edgy that even Shabana Azmi wearing it would look rad.
    Nishka, however, ummmm, succeeds at doing something impossible and making the dress look twee.

  11. sam at | | Reply

    Nishka for sure looks well turned out..like her neck peice..pretty n classy
    not quite for shraddha she looks too made up on the face too

  12. Meenakshy at | | Reply

    This Nishka has only one pose always..

  13. Rakhee at | | Reply

    Nishka looks outstanding……………Ofcourse all the way it is NISHKA

  14. lal at | | Reply

    having studs all over wont always give you rockstar material. Its pretty girly. And i am all for shraddha here. she looks good in her outfit.
    Never really did like Nishka’s creations and i really dont understand why many celebs wear it. Its sooooooooo girly that even small girls wouldnt want one of them.

    1. sons at | | Reply

      well i love nishkas clothes n they look pretty and feminine..each one to their own

  15. anon at | | Reply

    was at the launch. and shraddha looked much nicer in person than this photo. shes sweet

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