1. very stylish – I think Nina’s growing on me, mostly because she looks 100% comfortable in whatever she’s wearing, and never stiff and conscious..

  2. I don’t see anything remotely in teresting with this look. Delhi Uni is teeming with girls wearing this exact outfit.
    Plus, those harem pants are getting old now. If I see one more DU shorty in those stupid pants….god, i hate those pants.

  3. Nina, has come a loooong way from being a Bandra girl to where she is now. considered to be very stylish in the fashion circles, and adds a twist of her self in all she wears. I am proud I have seen this girls morph from Bleh to Wow…kudos to her

  4. Doesn’t it look like a dhoti?? She does carry the look to a certain extent but why wear a dhoti??!! I don’t get it!


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