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  1. apsara77 at | | Reply

    I’m not sure how I feel about having religious icons on clothing (and this is coming from an atheist). That being said, the outfit would have looked better with the skirt’s length being shorter, perhaps under the knee.

    1. Monika at | | Reply

      Agree about the length.

  2. Kaycee at | | Reply

    This skirt is so wrong. These images are of buddhist goddess. Can this designer not copy paste buddhist images on skirt. I don’t think anyone would like to sit on a image of goddess laxmi or saraswati.

  3. tsering at | | Reply

    Do these designers run out of their creative ideas or what? Why hurt the sentiments of people by putting religious images on a dress like that? Very insensitive and obviously ignorant.

  4. Tenzin at | | Reply

    Hi Nimrat Kaur and Eesha Amiin,
    I found your dress to be offensive. I am a Tibetan Buddhist. So, I find this very disrespectful. Whether you are an atheist or from a different religion. You should not be putting sacred religious icons wrapped around your body like a regular clothing.
    Please kindly consider this comment. Thanks.

  5. Amodini at | | Reply

    The lace blouse is hideous. The skirt only a tad better.

  6. zieh at | | Reply

    This skirt is very very wrong. I as a Buddhist find this very offensive. I hope that the designer realizes her ignorance.

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