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  1. jujunye at | | Reply

    wow this was quite a shock… designer needs a stylish case ???

  2. simran at | | Reply

    Lol, this is a demin shirt worn as pants , serious !

  3. simran at | | Reply

    those arent pants ! thats a shirt pant : a shant !

    1. koel at | | Reply

      Maha lol !
      Then the person who wears it will be Shanti ! isn’t it ?

  4. hira at | | Reply

    hey FYI, Ms. Kelly the Kangaroo from Australia Zoo has a patent for this jean style.

    1. koel at | | Reply

      ha ha ha that’s a good one!

  5. frutu at | | Reply

    a clown.

  6. koel at | | Reply

    should we call it “piskirt” (pun intended) ! or “chudidarkirt” (chudidar + skirt) or just whtheyyyyy !

  7. Rima at | | Reply


  8. Glitzy.Apple at | | Reply

    hahaha…”designer” ?? that was a good one!!

    it looks like she crapped in her pants :P

  9. Anubha at | | Reply

    HIDEOUS !!!

  10. LADesi at | | Reply

    These pants(?) look like they were made for elephantiasis patients.

  11. lk at | | Reply

    this is so cuteeeee………!!
    I love her style..

  12. KS at | | Reply

    While buying her designs we need to stick waist up …Period!

  13. KK at | | Reply

    Seriously WTHeyyy!!! This is a fashion designer?!?!

  14. madhu at | | Reply

    oh my god….did she actually come out wearing THAT on her legs

  15. lazyU at | | Reply

    I so glad in these parts this “fashion” is going out of style.

  16. Hema at | | Reply

    Hahaahaaa……what the hey indeed!

  17. anonsss at | | Reply

    May be its me but it does look like a giant diaper!

  18. Anu C at | | Reply

    cute girl, but I dont get her style. What she is wearing is ridiculous and her collection blah with OTT styling.

  19. Z at | | Reply

    Just as crappy as the stuff she makes.seriously doesnt take much to call yourself a designer these days!

  20. Kiwi at | | Reply


  21. goga at | | Reply

    i love ths kinda lower{dunno wats it called}..its really very cool but it only works with certain kinda material which shud have a good fall n denim is deifnaltely the wrong material..but still i wud love to see it in real to see how it actully will look

  22. DeLight at | | Reply

    waist up she looks great!..

  23. marky at | | Reply

    lol she looks like gul panag go figure :P

  24. Divya at | | Reply

    I’ve seen Nida in person, and she definitely does not dress as dowdy as she is in this pic. Looks like someone’s having a really bad day

  25. Divya at | | Reply

    Just saw Ambika on ‘I’m too sexy for my shoes’ wear something similar. If it’s a trend, I’m not going to follow it.

  26. May at | | Reply

    does she have “badges” pinned down on her pants or watever they are ?? :-o

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