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  1. Prep-y at | | Reply

    Yes, I think the sandals are making the look a lot worse. Too much of bling there. It could have worked if the styling was more subtle.

  2. sree at | | Reply

    Tackiness personified! One needs a certain amount of attitude and sass to pull off this look and this woman def doesn’t have it. The tights & the blingy shoes aren’t helping either. I can only see Kangana pulling off this look.

    1. Neha at | | Reply

      Agreed. This dress is not everybody’s cup of tea. She should not have worn those chamkeela sandals at all. Also the hair colour , contacts and bad makeup aren’t doing anything for her.
      And oh , a certain Ms. Ranaut would have pulled off something like this as well as the model.

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    3. Adara at | | Reply

      Agreed. She has behenji’d that edgy dress. Trashy!

  3. Ilaria Becciolini at | | Reply

    Love the dress!! Love that face!!

  4. Simona Coletta at | | Reply

    I think the panel on her bust area just folded or something- I love everything about this!!

  5. Jiminywiminy at | | Reply

    Anyone else getting a real housewives~ vibe here? Also it looks very tacky with the unintentional left side peekaboo going on. Plus the look is definitely weighed down by the unnecessary bling.

  6. lush.green.pastures at | | Reply

    oh dear lawd…no! from the chandelier earrings to the colored contacts to the makeup to the hair colour to the diamante-studded mother-of-all ankle straps to the panty hose I’m experiencing a serious cringing attack. On the model, the dress fares far better thanks to the subdued overall styling. On Niamat, it looks like a half-assed attempt at edgy.

  7. carla at | | Reply

    I agree! I think the peekaboo thing was just a momentary mishap. She looks great!!

  8. Luisa at | | Reply

    Besides the peek a boo thing which I’m guessing was a mishap I I think the earrings etc soften the look. I really like it.

  9. alti at | | Reply

    Is Niamat’s dress even an original? If you look close, many details differ from the dress on the runaway. Anyway, the worst thing about this look are definitely those shoes.

  10. cersei at | | Reply

    Stunning dress. Awful accessories and make-up.

  11. Fergie at | | Reply

    I guess I am one of those accused by the commentariat of not getting fashion but I seriously don’t get this look at all. It’s a WTHey for me….

    1. DramaMama at | | Reply

      Commentariat! Is that a word now? I am with you on not understanding fashion. The whole look is one hot mess. Looks trashy.

  12. priti at | | Reply

    Head to toe tackfest!!

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  14. Brinda at | | Reply

    I think, bipasha could hv worn this better

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