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  1. Avani at | | Reply

    She looks nice. The look though her usual style feels a bit not that well put together.

  2. NAQVI at | | Reply

    Im loving this on neha… she looks amazing.

  3. Fashion at | | Reply

    Granny skirt? Check

    Any old house shirt? Check

    I’m PMSing and feel bloated sweater? Check

    Jazz it all up with too much makeup, statement necklace and completely unexplainable ankle boots.. and you have yourself a (according to PnP at least) Desi Bohemian outfit.

    1. slc at | | Reply

      She’s in New York so this look will fly pretty well and the weather can be quite unpredictable. Besides, you and I both know that we have all the pieces she’s wearing (at least I do) in our closet and we still won’t look like that. She looks amazing.

      1. SN at | | Reply


      2. Rana at | | Reply

        I live in New York and this look won’t fly here or anywhere else. The clothes are too shabby.

        1. slc at | | Reply

          Walk through Barney’s NY and this look is everywhere!

    2. Coffee at | | Reply

      LOL this comment is perfection but I still think Neha looks good :’D

    3. Parul at | | Reply

      I couldn’t agree more! This in the name of fashion is highly obnoxious stuff!!

  4. Karishma at | | Reply

    I think she looks great. I love her quirky style.

  5. Felicity at | | Reply

    She looks like one of those homeless ladies here in US… Wearing all mismatched pieces (except for the neckpiece)… Now ready for the brickbats for having said my mind

    1. Parul at | | Reply


  6. Asha at | | Reply

    A different skirt may have elevated this look to “quirky” rather than “mismatched”.

  7. Tanvi at | | Reply

    Don’t like this. Mainly the necklace and the hairstyle don’t suit that outfit.

  8. Sup at | | Reply

    I love it.. can hardly think of anyone who can pull off such outfits with such swag…

  9. Nandita at | | Reply

    Layering is always a great idea in the east coast but this I am not sure. Not liking the shirt untucked over that skirt. But its Ms. Dhupia and she looks like having fun and feeling comfy with the look.

  10. Kirsa at | | Reply

    The untucked shirt is the gripe here. But as usual she is rocking the look. She is no doubt the ultimate swag queen. She is even making this whole disconcerted look her thing.

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