1. i am a big fan of neha although i agree she went a too casual look…..but i forgive her because she is stunning..in this pic we are seeing the real neha…she got so much tan !

  2. Me thinks it would not have been so bad if she had some shoes on instead of flip flops and had put on some lip gloss….

  3. what is she trying to prove? she did not have to wear manalos and dressed up for the premiere for sure…but this is baaad! was she afraid of hhconfidential wtheys, so she tried this route?????

  4. Probably the flip flops are “Havianna’s” the equivalent of ” Payal” chappals in India (or atleast in Goa/Maharastra!!!.But are available in the U.S at various retailers including Nordstrom

  5. hmmm she is dressed like a teenager, also her outfit is way to casual? come on there are dresses for each occasion, all she needed was a nice pair of jeans or maybe a longer lengh of a skirt if she wanted to wear that tee = but overall one of her slutty dresses would have done

    not a good choice

  6. awesome outfit to chill in.

    horrible outfit to rock up in to a premiere.

    Seriously, THONGS to a formal event?? p.s. thongs = what u guys call flip flops. hehe

  7. I love her look, I live in those clothes, its casual,sans make up, I know shes very underdressed for a premiere but she looks good.
    esp the flip flops.

  8. Looks like Ms Dhupia has just landed from her beach holidays and came to the premiere straight from the airport. I won’t dare wear this to the premiere of a film especially that of SATC where style, fashion and glamour quotient is +++

  9. oh please premieres for hollywood movies in india are hardly red carpet events. They just call the first show at some multiplex a “premiere”, whatever

    mostly only C listers attend them, so what is the big deal..


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