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      had the same reaction.

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    she looks great…but that’s just too much bronzer/blusher :/

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    This would have been a great look on her even with the black jacket if she hadn’t over done the blush (i think it’s blush not bronzer that’s the problem here)

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    I am not an expert to comment on makeup anytime but this time….it has awfully gone wrong. Its making her look like a clown. That’s sad considering that she is always so well turned out. Wonder how could she have missed it….

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      Poor lighting wherever the make-up was done..

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    Looks clownish in that makeup…

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    Those are some red cheeks!

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    Her make-up made me feel she is going to perform as a clown…round red nose is the only missing item :D

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    think the bronzer is an intentional look!

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      I agree with you. It seems intentional. Would have worked on the runway.

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    She wear’s Mary Katrantzou and steps out with makeup like this! Sistah, you get em clown cheeks. eeks!

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    What is with the snow-white- ish blush? I remember back in the eighties, in the 1-2nd standard, some girls coming in with make- up like this for the ‘fancy dress competition’.

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    for the first time ever I would write this for Neha.. and I would like to have this written for the last time for her..
    She looks like a JOKER

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    I hope this was a one time blunder. Such a shame on the makeup considering this coming from some one like Neha.

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    Ha ha…The only explanation I can think is that she was passed out when the make up was being done and was just shoved out of the room without a look at the mirror. I mean she really didn’t get to take a look at it the whole evening.

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    hahaha….what a clown :P :P

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    My God, that make up is horrendous!!! I feel bad for her, she had to go through the night looking like that :O Hopefully its just the lighting for us ;)

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