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  1. KityPurry at | | Reply

    Neha looks smashing ^^
    I love Sonam’s dress too…it’s really pretty :)

  2. minelli at | | Reply

    I have always found Neha beautiful..and this photoshoot she looks stylish and cute as well. good concept

  3. kara at | | Reply


  4. Janani at | | Reply

    Hello ladies,

    Would you happen to know if Puja Arya retails anywhere in Chennai?


  5. KS at | | Reply

    Thanks to mad men for adding spice to fashion. Like or dislike aside it is just nice to watch something so familiar yet different!

  6. Radhika at | | Reply

    The dresses are yummy but not liking the hairstyle at all! A bit messy for the 1950’s madmen women..who were anything but.

    1. Meenakshi at | | Reply

      that was my first thought too..neat hair and curls were the style statements back then!!

  7. ZI at | | Reply

    How hot does the Vizyon dress look on neha. and im loving the hairdo too

  8. sheena at | | Reply

    neha looks so effing cute. i want her VESPA!!!

  9. MochaLatte at | | Reply

    Now thats a good editorial. Loving the retro look on neha.

  10. GG at | | Reply

    Neha is only one who has actually brought retro look back and she looks awesome. She does so effortlessly in comparison to so called fashionistas or style icons. Now here is a girl who deserves a style icon award. If only she was related to some superstar it probably would have been easier. ;)

    1. rvc at | | Reply

      Amen sister. Neha, Kangna, Bipasha – sure some of their looks are more miss than hit but they at least are constantly changing it up. Someone give Neha a Style award.

  11. Sasha at | | Reply

    Whats with Sonam holding her purse awkwardly?? Is she advertising the phone or the bag??
    may be bad pciture here, but I can see the horrible makeup again!

    Neha- Thumbs up !

  12. Ratna at | | Reply

    Love the shoot. I totally feel the retro vibe. Sonam’s dress is pretty.

  13. Simplyaudrey at | | Reply

    Aaaand..she is back. For a while there, I thought Neha had lost her touch. Loving this new look..the 60s were so hot!

  14. Faiza at | | Reply

    all othe dresses are very nice nd sophisticated…love love sonam’s dress.

  15. Nick at | | Reply

    The photo shoot is nice

  16. AM at | | Reply

    Channeling an American retro look based on an American hit show. I mean yes dress ups are all fine and one shouldn’t be restricted by geography but isn’t this something that is very dull and overdone by now-heck even etsy sellers dress up for their items similarly. Can’t Indian magazines show more creativity – surely there is much more to mine even if you wanted a Western look e.g. the Parsis or Christians in the 50s, 60s.

    1. Zara at | | Reply

      I agree that India’s a bit late to embracing the 50s and 60s revival in fashion, particularly since Mad Men has been running for 4 years now and was influential from the get-go.

      However, these outfits are anything but dull. I love that designers are taking classic silhouettes and incorporating more contemporary, playful designs. Fashion is all about mixing the old and the new to create clothing that is appropriate for the present, but also wearable for the future.

  17. dn at | | Reply

    The first pic of Neha is awesome.

    Sonam looks really cute in that dress.

  18. Kriti at | | Reply

    The shoot is great, the dresses awesome, Ms. Dhupia LOVELY :)

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