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  1. Leanne at | | Reply

    Neha is too hot to handle!

  2. Shikha at | | Reply

    Finally we get to see Shivan & Narresh swimsuits on celebs . .Heart the graphic-ness of the swimsuit and that chic shirt balances it so beautifully! The duo is on such a roll!

  3. RUCHii at | | Reply


  4. KJ at | | Reply

    Nice look but I can’t stand those wooden buttons. They look like cockroaches to me. *eek*

  5. Surabhi at | | Reply

    She is so hot!
    I think she is a clear winner when it comes to fashion in Bollywood!

  6. RM at | | Reply

    Super Duper cute..
    she doesn’t have a set style like many other actresses or socialites. Keeps experimenting with new and different looks and looks HOT…

  7. priyanka chigurupati at | | Reply

    omg, she looks huge

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