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    Neha looks gorgeous! love the saree and the jewellery! She styled the look so well!

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    I love this woman, always stands out. She is great looker and an actress but no luck. Nidhi sunil looks great too

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    Really look forward to seeing nehas looks on these pages. Love that she choses to wear the saree so often but always manages to put a cool contemporary twist on it and ends up looking better than everyone else at the party! This saree is gorgeous on her, maybe the blouse in the model would have looked better? But as shes worn this type of saree and blouse combo before maybe she felt like a change? Never the less she still looks great.

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    Her inherent natural sense of style always shines through every look. Just getting a stylist and putting together elements does not always guarantee a perfect look. But this lady aces it all the time coz of her natural style.

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    Love it! She never does anything wrong!

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    She looks great – elegant and appropriate

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    Wow +++

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    Beautiful. “How to look good in a Not-NET- Not-BLINGY Saree 101”.

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    Stunning!! Saree and the jewellery bang on!!

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