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  1. GG at | | Reply

    wow ! Her face is glowing and love the hair. The colour is great too. Don’t care to much about the design of the dress. However Neha makes it work.

  2. Hema at | | Reply

    It’s only that lovely color and Neha’s sassy attitude that’s saving that disaster of an outfit.

    1. roop at | | Reply

      how is this a disaster? this is one of the many outfits that women in punjab dress in. i own a few salvaars like that with kurtas like that. my mother dressed like that too many a times. i am sure my grandmother did too. it is a common punjabi style of dressing. i am not sure how it is a disaster.

      1. Faiza at | | Reply

        I AGREE… i have few suits like that,

        Just because she is not into some BIG designer wear this is a disaster…come on ppl grow up.

        i think she loooks AMAZINg… the colour of the dress suits her so well..hair make up great.

    2. adi at | | Reply

      wut ever u tell guys, i just love neha

    3. nope at | | Reply

      A lot of people aren’t fans of patiala shalwars me being one them.I think thats why the OP said its a disaster. I love the colour and Neha looks gorgeous minus the necklace and patiala shalwar.

      1. mary at | | Reply

        i’m a punjabi and a fan of patialas to the core but I would never dream of wearing one in this material and would probably jazz it up with some piping etc. Though Neha does carry off the look pretty well the fact is that not many of us would choose to wear something like this.

  3. Anu C at | | Reply

    wish there was pretty chunni to go with it – it would be perfectly punjabi then!

    the color is to die for!!

  4. shyba at | | Reply

    Love the color and silver necklace….

  5. kanika at | | Reply

    Love the midnight blue… it seems most indians prefer the ‘firozi’ blue over this shade..but I love it.

    Otherwise the outfit is a disaster.

  6. Icey6 at | | Reply

    Neha’s attitude and that lovely color save that outfit.

  7. Sim at | | Reply

    What is the deal with people dressing in ”character” in bollywood? :|
    Tbh I hadnt heard of this till recently

  8. Shivani at | | Reply

    I’m lusting after her neckpiece. Any idea where it is from/whom it it is by?

  9. Abscessed at | | Reply

    god awful! it’s the most ill fitting thing ive seen neha wear in a while

  10. monika at | | Reply

    ,Love the colour & the kameez in itself with some leggings in a diff colour would look pretty nice

  11. Divya Ramanan at | | Reply

    Maybe I am the only one.. but it looks too LOUD… would have looked better in a lighter shade or maybe with a contrast dupaata…
    not liking at all..

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  14. dn at | | Reply

    Neha is rocking that blue. Like her attitude. The poster Neha looks as if she is growing out of the live Neha. Looks like a Siamese twin.

  15. Rezia at | | Reply

    Phas Gaya Obama?! Come on…have some respect Bollywood! >:(
    Other than that the outfit is YIKES. Did the designer use old bed sheets from the 80s to put it together??

    1. nope at | | Reply

      Geez he is just a President!!!Why do we need to respect him?

  16. Enne at | | Reply

    I would totally wear that! With a chunni of course!

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