At a Gillette event, Ms. Dhupia was spotted keeping it simple in a BCBG dress paired with tan ankle sandals and a matching cuff. Loved the purple rimmed shades pairing but the hair felt a tad bit overdressed for the day event.

Left: Neha Dhupia at Gillette Launch of Shave India Movement 3
Right: BCBG Double Strap Halter Dress


  1. 1st thing i noticed was her hair nd i thought her hair looks nice…but u guys comment was otherwise. oh well, i think she looks beautiful nd i do like the hair wid it.

  2. love the color of the dress. as usual Ms.Dhupia looks great. agree with you guys on the hair. too elaborate. reminds me of barbie’s hair.

    on an aside, thanks for helping us exercise our math brains. (spam protection check) you must be getting a lot of spam mail.

  3. i dont mind the hair. its just simple curls. that said, i agree with the commenter that this dress is too cutesy for her. she’s a very tall big built woman and this dress would suit a teeny little someone better.


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