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  1. Deepthi at | | Reply

    Love, love the look!!
    she is one of the few actresses who can pull off such a look.

  2. rbee at | | Reply

    no comment on the excessive bronzer?! Other than that, she looks great!

  3. Ann at | | Reply

    It looks like a silk bed cover pulled around her. But she still makes it work. I don’t like the smokey eyes – wish they were more subtle.

  4. Lily at | | Reply

    I think the dress needs a belt. And wish she wore sandals instead of pumps.

  5. Fashion bubble at | | Reply

    Me no likey. She looks frumpy like a bedsheet tied around her chest. No p and p just because it’s anamika khanna doesn’t make it a good look.

  6. anonymous at | | Reply

    lol she decided to wrap a curtain

  7. P at | | Reply

    Where do I start with this one? Ugly shoes that do not go. Heavy handed makeup. Terrible hair. And to top it off she’s wrapped a drape around her… Like in a movie when you might get off the bed holding a silk sheet!

    1. Deepti Parthiv at | | Reply

      Exactly what I was thinking! It looks like a curtain that she just covered her body with. She tried her best to style it and did good, but in this case the dress (?) is where the fault is.

  8. Carol at | | Reply

    Is she pregnant? Then why is she wearing this monstrosity? And with nude pumps like she is going to the office? The bag does not go with this getup.

    Also, the hair and make up are terrible.

  9. Ranij at | | Reply

    Love the makeup. The outfit looks a bit tent like but she still looks ok to her credit

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  11. Avani at | | Reply

    She looks good for sure. But I cant help but be reminded of the old south movies where they show the ladies going to the river for a shower in in-skirts tied the same way. lol.

  12. Tina at | | Reply


  13. Madame Maddie at | | Reply

    The dress looks like a slinky towel tied across the bust. It’s also not doing much for her.

  14. LCoodly at | | Reply

    And this is great designing?? And great accessorizing? Where is the definition? A belt or a design element to cinch the waist, elongate the torso and place curves in all the right places? I cannot understand how these so called top designers get away with dressing Bollywood A-listers like this.

    1. Rocky Mountain at | | Reply

      Bollywood “A Lister?” Someone had asked about a Natasha Poonawala cover recently about what her claim to fame is, someone responded saying “she is a mother daughter anda wife and a cook”

      Neha is certainly NOT an A lister. I have NO clue HOW or why she is EVERYWHERE. There are millions of over achievers that look prettier than Neha that could model clothes for any brand. and OFCOURSE the 700 million mothers, daughters and wives and cooks (1.4 billion divided by two) ROFL

      Seeing here every other day at a hot shot event surrounded by paparazzi doesnt even make sense to me

      100% agree on the “designer” comments though
      Well said

      1. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

        There a re lots of people who may not be A-list Bollywood actors but do have great style and therefore get featured. Neha barring a few straw incidents in my opinion actually is one of those people who has great style. This look though however isn’t her best.

        On the designer stuff, well no argument there.

    2. Akshu at | | Reply


  15. LCoodly at | | Reply

    Since we see Neha Dhupia frequently on this circuit, I assumed she was an A-lister. Regardless of a listing status, designing is as much about solving a problem as creating a well proportioned, flattering outfit. That was the main point.

  16. Rupal at | | Reply

    looks like a silk towel wrapped around her. she seems to be just out of shower
    not liking it

  17. ewww at | | Reply

    How many ppl would love this look if you didn’t know it was an Anamika Khanna?
    Am sure 100 out of 100 would slam this look. It’s time we Indians got over our fixation with certain It labels. Not all her designs work. Quite a few are terrible. Lets admit that.

  18. abt at | | Reply

    neha dhupia wearing Japanese Silk bed sheet with over bronzed skin.

  19. Ashes of Roses at | | Reply

    I actually liked it. Except that the pumps are to be replaced by sandals.

  20. gau at | | Reply


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