Red Hot! Or Not.


Sure, the red dress looks fab on Ms. Dhupia (heck, what doesn’t) but with the lips, it just became a case of ‘two much red’. A contrasting black belt to break up the red and some lip gloss and we might have loved this on Neha. What say you? Red Hot! Or Not.


Neha Dhupia at Triumph Lingerie Show


  1. You two are absolutely spot on P&P, but in view of the other train wrecks we see on this blog, i think we can forgive her a couple of minor misjudgements. lol! She looks good on the whole.

  2. in the last few months neha has started to grow on me.
    i love it when a woman can look sexy without the show of too much leg and cleavage.
    this is such an improvement from back when she was in the rut of tight short dresses…this look is so much more sophisticated.

  3. I so wanted to go with red hot since she rocks the dress but the shoes and red lips don’t work. Black pumps or peep toes and gloss would be the way to go.

  4. I agree, but I have voted red hot since the dress looks great on her… I would only change the lip colour. The dress fits her really well. Have not seen any Indian Celebrities wearing any of Victoria Beckham’s dresses-they are featured in Grazia’s latest issue nad I simply loved the cut, length, fit etc

  5. I wouldve loved the dress to be like an inch shorther
    and pointy black heels wouldve spiced things up a bit more. so much more actually. On the fence here. :]

  6. I wouldn’t change a thing about her except for the shoes. I LOVE the red lipstick !!! I think it looks fab and its not like they are both different reds – it they were…then it would be a disaster. Personally I think the matte / satin lipstick is the best here. A whole lotta red lipgloss just looks tacky. The rest of her face is simple and so is the hair so as far as I go I think the red was done just right !


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