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  1. Jyoti at | | Reply

    Neha Dhupia hands down

  2. Meena at | | Reply

    Neha Dhupia definitely wins this round! Not a fan of the DvF print but she looks great otherwise!

  3. Iris at | | Reply

    Sorry, but this is a completely wrong dress for the pear-shaped Neha. Makes her bottom-half look even bigger than it is. Not a fan of Celina’s appearance, but the wrap silhouette would’ve worked better on Neha

    1. Natty Natalie at | | Reply

      Totally agree. Not just the silhouette , even the print with the large circular bit at the thigh area is drawing attention to the wrong part for a pear shaped figure. Having said that, she looks great anyway!

    2. SGM at | | Reply

      Couldnt agree more! I think she looks HUGE in this, and she’s really not overweight. Completely wrong choice.

      Agree wrap would have looked better.

    3. nee at | | Reply

      Agree with ya

      1. jaishree at | | Reply

        Agree with you completely, the dress accentuates her hips to make them look much bigger. Its the print and the silhoutte to blame. Shes much slimmer in real life (saw her a few weeks back in goa)

    4. Gayatri at | | Reply

      I think curves look nice on women! Neha Dhupia sure looks good flauting her curves!

    5. nycchic at | | Reply

      Agree with Iris. Great print on its own and Neha is a lovely woman but the print on Neha makes her look wider than necessary. DVF makes many other prints that can flatter Neha’s shape.

      1. R at | | Reply

        What is “wider than necessary”? Some women don’t care! Their fashion objective is not to look as skinny as possible and thank god for that.

  4. tosh at | | Reply

    neha is werkin them curves, love the hair too

    1. Zaza at | | Reply

      Lol not really, as the posters above me mentioned, the dress doesn’t flatter her pear shape at all

  5. annie at | | Reply

    celina needs to take makeup lessons from neha

    1. Zaza at | | Reply

      Seriously..her makeup looks terrible! It looks like someone working at a MAC store in India did it (yes, that was a ooh burnnn to MAC employees).

      1. mona at | | Reply

        to be honest yes maybe that time but if u look at it she looks great as in this pic was taken in 2007!! u gotta look at the date also.. and to be honest im not with the curves on this one!! it looks drastically horrible and celina looks thin and slim so i would go for celina!

  6. onetightslapinurface at | | Reply

    Neha reminds me of yester years Asha Parekh in this dress waist down
    Celina look is doing best wot it usually does..’Boring Us’

  7. nidhi at | | Reply

    i love the fact that neha plays up her curves. i love her hips in this, though they may seem wide by today’s standards – sexy!

  8. jj at | | Reply

    Obviously Neha..Luving her hourglass figure..perfect for the dress..

  9. eclat at | | Reply

    To quote the late, great Freddy Mercury: fat bottomed girls, you make the rocking world go round!

  10. Ritu at | | Reply

    Neha looks great here….. Curvy, pretty n cute…..loved the hair n makeup! Celina’s makeup is not happening.

  11. Lalitha at | | Reply

    Neha looks great no doubt and she isn’t afraid to show her curves and I love that! But I think that this large print is overwhelming her…a solid colour, in this silhouette, would have suited her better. The wrap dress would have also suited Neha since the print looks smaller. Regardless, I still thought she looked good!

  12. preeti at | | Reply

    Neha works it. Period.

  13. vandana at | | Reply

    Neha looks so good!

  14. gauri at | | Reply

    Makes her look way bigger than she actually is! Dont like the dress at all! Make up makes her look manly!

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  16. paroma at | | Reply

    Love Neha’s look. Go curves!!

  17. hitesh at | | Reply

    love celina’s look!!

  18. monika at | | Reply

    I think she looks perfect!!

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