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  1. SS at | | Reply

    Too much ‘volume’ on the top…..otherwise good print…nicely paired with denims…..

  2. s at | | Reply

    efortles,beauiful..and very appropiately dressed.Sonam could take a cue from this

  3. pdaervo at | | Reply

    ME TOO!! though the only way I could pull toff is if I wore it as a dress and belted it at the waist- because it would be a dress an lil ‘ol (literally) me
    ON Ms. Duphia, though, it’s perfect! The look really evens out her pear shape.

    1. pdaervo at | | Reply

      She looks 20 pounds lighter than in her last look (the blue dress)…and that is why body shape matters ;)

      1. pdaervo at | | Reply

        Also, excuse my horrible grammar and spelling D:
        I’m an embarrassment to English majors around the world.

  4. sunita at | | Reply

    oh..love the voluminous top!! want one!
    whos is it?

  5. wiwi at | | Reply

    what !!!!! sorry girls the top is great but she looks as pregnant in it not a flattering silhouette

  6. ak at | | Reply

    I have an uncannily similar kurta in red, although I have no idea who the designer is – looks lilke ‘Rina B’ but it’s too scribbly to know for sure. Neha looks great b- nice and fresh (esp. since it’s been a while since we’ve seen her in desi clothes)

  7. Tina at | | Reply

    Not ‘diggin’ these balloony tops at all. its a tough one to pull off! Neha always wears everything with elan, I think that’s her secret to looking so good! in …anything!

  8. Amber at | | Reply

    She looks like a balloon in that.. could it be ANY more voluminous??

  9. lin at | | Reply

    effortlessly chic.

  10. KS at | | Reply

    It SHOULD be ok to wear baloony tops once in a while and not worry about right silhouette…a lil fun is needed to spice up life..cloths and everything else ;).
    Neha looks great!

  11. RJ at | | Reply

    She looks great no doubt, nice subtle make-up, great hair and nice print but personally not a big fan of these tops, a little to voluminous, if your pregnant then perfect!

  12. mia at | | Reply

    it’s not a great top imo but it’s very appropriate and sensible for the occassion.

  13. amber at | | Reply

    she looks good in the second snap, but the first one screams ‘maternity’ to me. anyways, i’d like one for myself :)

  14. Shivani at | | Reply

    lurve the top. ritu kumar? something she’d make

  15. indihues at | | Reply

    voluminous top..good way to distance people around ;)
    10 on 10

  16. SA at | | Reply

    Love, love, love and hats off to Neha for being a bit offbeat and quirky on her choice – well paired too with drainpipe pants. Who is it by?

  17. Maze at | | Reply

    Pregnancy rumors…..Begin!

  18. JP at | | Reply

    she looks fa….and very event appropriate

  19. hhc-addict at | | Reply

    She makes it work and looks fab! – I like it when people choose out of the usual silhouettes and totally make it work. It takes a lot of confidence to carry it of.

  20. NJ at | | Reply

    This is a Ritu Kumar top i saw it in one of the shows. They have a brand called LABEL, Ritu Kumar which has similar things.

  21. HHH at | | Reply

    Her style is growing on me! Gorgeous top!

  22. TumHum at | | Reply

    cool top…on anyone else it would hav looked disastrous

  23. sri at | | Reply

    i love the top too! event appropriate too

  24. meera at | | Reply

    she is so boring….dont know y is she even considered in the glamour world… too much volume on top..lukslikea gujju dress just the dhoti ismissing

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