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  1. SULPHUR at | | Reply

    love both the looks !!! ….. i love how the collar area is so very relaxed …. i would pick neetus dress anyday just coz its more summery and way too casual. summers and checks just go hand in hand i guess

  2. Sej at | | Reply

    Anushka’s look I dig but Neetu’s not so much. Usually Neetu is on top of her game but I don’t like that shirt at all – the rest is ok if she had just chosen a different shirt.

  3. Prema at | | Reply

    Neetu looks amazing for her age! Anushka looks pretty as ever..Neetu Singh is an inspiration for women to dress well at all ages.

  4. bozo at | | Reply

    Wow Anushka looks great! Neetu – I hate those shoes!

  5. shaila at | | Reply

    anushka’s looking good here. can’t wait to see her new film.

  6. Flaneur at | | Reply

    easy on the eyes…as casual should be…

    n ohhh neetu singh….ever charming,ever smiling….much admiration :)

  7. Geeta at | | Reply

    I knew it. About this large check print. Knew that everyone’d start with it. But then, it does look pretty good, as is exemplied here.

  8. Elke at | | Reply

    loving the casual look… effortlessly chic!

  9. Geeta at | | Reply

    Exemplified! Jeez.

  10. Priyanka at | | Reply

    Neetu is great.
    but Anushka looks absolutely fabulous!
    LOVE everything about that outfit. <3

  11. Dee at | | Reply

    Anushka looks great..It’s a great casual look. About Neetu, she manages to add a touch of class to the worst outfits. This outfit is okay though.

  12. Noorinaa at | | Reply

    Neetu is wearing Stuart Weitzman jellys

  13. pri at | | Reply

    LOVE both their outfits. They look effortlessly beautiful!

  14. Seerat at | | Reply

    I love Anushkas look.So simple ,so fab…

  15. Lalitha at | | Reply

    I cannot bear bear plaid prints…reminds me of one of two things–my school uniform (which thankfully has been put away YEARS ago) and a lumberjack. Neetu looks cute since I think I like her in just about anything and Anushka looks just ok in this outfit…I think Anushka looks great in the promos of Badmaash Company!

  16. Smitten at | | Reply

    Love the look on both. Its Casual Chic from us at Smitten

  17. vash at | | Reply

    i love love love the small red check shirt

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