In AND By Anita Dongre


Both Isha and Neetu attended designer Anita Dongre’s LivaViscose Collection launch in dresses from Anita’s label, AND. While, Isha wore a bubble-skirt yellow number, Neetu wore a strapless blue dress.

Dig either dress or neither. (Update: For the poll, keep in mind, to make a choice based on the dresses only. Not how it was worn! But, you can leave your comments on whether you liked how they wore it! ;) )


Isha Koppikar and Neetu Chandra at Anita Dongre’s LivViscose Collection launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. they are both so similar. they look nice, but are run of the mill. i wouldn’t have given either girl a second glance because of the dresses.

    but i would’ve because of how they’ve worn the dresses ;)

  2. oh, i love them both! and they’re in my favorite shades of blue and yellow!`I think i would prefer to wear the blue one though because the draping accentuates the curves a little more ;)

    and uh oh…crackdown on the comments! have we been too naughty lately, P&P?

  3. kimmy,
    Not at all. The reason I specified that is because sometimes we get biased about something just because of the way someone wears it. Here I was looking for how are just the dresses, itself…

    Updated the post now, so that you can leave comments on how they wore it! ;)

  4. Ish’a white accessories make her look very country-club types. Also, the bubble hem makes a dress look unfinished.
    Like the fit and color better on Neetu.

  5. The shade of Neetu’s dress is very summery and the drape is beautiful. I like the summery yellow of isha’s dress but the cut is very boring.

  6. I must say that Neetu Chandra’s sense of style has improved by leaps and trolls. She looks so good in this blue number. The hemline is perfect too. I just love the look overall! Oh, Isha also looks pretty.

  7. Definitely the blue one is very well designed.I have a dress very similar in colour and design to what Isha is wearing and So I think thats not something I havent seen before :) and since the yellow is so bright ,I would have definitely not matched it up with WHITEEE!!!! No WAYYY…. So I think the accessories are definitely killing the effect more.

  8. i dont see anything ‘designery’ about these dresses! they look like the kind you can buy at forever 21 or even wet seal!!!

  9. k=, u stole my words! lol..
    they look w/e to me to be honest but whose look i like better?.. isha’s!

    neetu always looks like shes trying way too hard.

  10. hey amara…dont be a mindless fashion victim its not about whats out its about what looks good and who carries it off


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