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  1. The Housewife at | | Reply

    Ugh! It’s always sad to see a beautiful woman go so horribly wrong with her clothes. We really need better stylists around.

  2. ms. meow at | | Reply

    Yikes yikes and yikes for all the dresses.

  3. Sej at | | Reply

    Hands down dig Neetu’s version of the dress on the top row. The bottom three – the less said the better.

  4. Pri at | | Reply

    some people like neetu chandra and ameesh patel are allergic to good style.

  5. V at | | Reply

    I say this in the nicest possible way – No matter what Neetu Chandra wears, she somehow never looks classy.

  6. Thalassa at | | Reply

    Why pick on Neetu? Just because she doesn’t wear big name designer labels? Those dresses aren’t any better or worse than some of the other crap that gets featured and coo-ed over here.

    Sometimes I feel it’s just a class thing – just because she happens to be a small town girl from Bihar, she can’t seem to get a break. She’s a pretty girl and she looks absolutely fine in that beige dress.

    1. Tee at | | Reply

      I agree! We assume she would know no style because she hasn’t had the exposure girls like katrina and sonam have had, and that is just so patronizing!
      Neetu isn’t tall, so she goes for higher hemlines to elongate her legs. And she looks cute in the blue dress as well. Mebbe different shoes with the beige dress?

  7. Dna at | | Reply

    Yes, I agree! All this Neetu bashing…for what? The gal is georgeous and gets discriminated against because she is short. And she has stunning legs, so why not show them off?

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