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  1. Ss at | | Reply

    Somebody pluuuuuuuueeeze tell her to get rid of her bangs! And please don’t call these saris designer. We can get better ones for a fraction of the cost and designs outta this world!

  2. kasthuri at | | Reply

    I think both sarees are really pretty but they do not look nice on her. The hair style needs to change.

  3. Kara at | | Reply

    Why does she look like 20 years older in the pictures on the left?!?

  4. trying too hard at | | Reply

    the sarees in them self are beautiful, but just dont look so good on her :(

  5. nishita at | | Reply

    i love that blue saree. Neeta Lulla is really sophisticated n graceful

  6. fashionmaniac at | | Reply

    I thought there is a certain age that you can support the bangs. I am in early thirties and once had bangs like Neeta done and I think it was way out of place for me.
    Cant attempt to look cutesy at that age.
    Moreover her face cut and features do not go well with it.
    enuf said about her bangs. They have been bothering me for quite sometime.
    About the sarees…. less said the better.

  7. yoohoo at | | Reply

    I agree with the comment above …both sarees are atrocious….you can get breathtaking kalamkari saree for a fraction of the cost

  8. saki at | | Reply

    the blue is a nice shade, but way too over accessorized. might have been better minus the border and the necklace. the brown fares better, i think.

  9. Food poisoned attorney at | | Reply

    The bangs, the bangs…need to go!!! Otherwise like the blue sari quite a bit. Brown looks badly draped.

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