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  1. Kanira at | | Reply

    like colors though HATE that kurta…it makes her look so dowdy esp in the pic where she is standing straight…apart from the style the kurta itself is so jaded and boring…considering that she is Mrs. ‘Obscenely Rich’…she can do way better…

  2. ak at | | Reply

    horrendous saree. the zari looks cheap, the embroidery is ugly, and that shading…no words.

    1. paris at | | Reply

      totally agree!

  3. deewani at | | Reply

    The Ambani’s r all abt being grounded and not falling prey to ‘show off’. That’s why I love what Neeta is wearing.

    1. shaila at | | Reply

      i agree

      1. Mim at | | Reply

        But surely, even if you didn’t spend a bomb, there’s better selection to be had than this?

        1. Mim at | | Reply

          Plus, anyone who’s carrying that clutch, fails a little in the ‘not-showing-off’ circle.

  4. ashbaby at | | Reply

    I am just amazed at the sari blouse in the first pic, it looks like one of those cheap ready made blouses that you kind of just match with a sari….I am sure she could have got a new blouse properly stitched if her original one was too loose which it must be seeing how much weight she has lost

    1. beans at | | Reply

      totally agree!

  5. Sej at | | Reply

    I remember when I first saw this picture somewhere online I was hoping you guys would cover this – the yellow one is a hot mess indeed. It looks odd and she just doesn’t work it esp because as the person above mentioned she is standing straight with slugging shoulders.

    Not a huge fan of the sari and blouse but it’s not nearly as bad the mess on the right. The sole winner amongst all this is that red BV clutch.

  6. RS at | | Reply

    Not working. Too flashy and gaudy. Needs a wardrobe makeover and needs to start taking cues from Sridevi.

  7. Sarah at | | Reply

    she looks great but is it just me or has she LOST A LOT OF WEIGHT! she looks a little sickly now!

    1. simran at | | Reply

      I agree, I had seen her in person 5 years ago and she looked lovely,
      Now with all the weight loss, Im not sure she has the same charisma.. shes lost 5kg too much..

  8. diptiN at | | Reply

    She looks great at both events. How has she managed to lose so much weight? I think it is time for a bit of pasta and pizza. I saw her at the taj in mumbai a few years ago wearing the most beautiful pair of yellow diamond drop earings. I look for them in every photo.

  9. ngm82 at | | Reply

    I think its super bright! dont like the outfits at all!!

    Is it me or the first pic looks very un-natural to u as well?? like a wax statue?

  10. zara at | | Reply

    I agree with everyone that she looks a little “off” – any sort of drastic weight loss in a short amount of time can cause that.

    I’m not a fan of her sense of style, or either of these outfits. But, I admire that she wears Indian clothes so much, especially when her fellow socialites are slaves to staying on trend and wearing the latest Western designers.

  11. kanika at | | Reply

    The first photo looks like a statue !!

    I though it was an addition to Tussard’s LOL.

    her red colored blouse is so off.

    I like the Seedha pallu – but it is a tad too long.

  12. paris at | | Reply

    ughhh! ugly ugly ugly. FUGLY! hate the sari and she looks sick with the weight loss. i think she has a pathetic sense of style.

    1. Saya at | | Reply

      Ha! Agreed!

  13. Lalitha at | | Reply

    They may not be colours I would choose for my wardrobe but Nita looks good in colour and carries it off with elan! I saw her on TV in the orange outfit but what is fantastic are the earrings and necklace she is wearing…they are gold beads STUDDED with (my favourite!!) diamonds…they were some serious understated bling. Go Nita, you have the jocks (ie cricket team of course) AND the rocks.

    1. karishma at | | Reply

      i love that phrase – “jocks and the rocks”!

  14. AM at | | Reply

    All that glitters is not gold. Or to put it simply Hideous.

  15. RM at | | Reply

    Sh ehas sure lost a lot fo weight… I think she works the colours.. just that the dress/saree+blouse are so so off..
    and here I disagree with you P&P – the dress with uneven hemlines I find ok.. what I didnt like was the red blouse.. look at the sleeves and the neck line…

  16. karisma at | | Reply

    not one of her best look… i do LOVE the border on the sari, its one fo fine zari borders that are stitched on to the sari. My grandma has a similar one, its so delicately beautiful on a chiffon bhandani sari. Without the border the saree can pass through a ring !!!….

    u get a lot of these sarees in jaipur.

  17. karishma at | | Reply

    the colours too bright for my taste, however, she is a gorgeous woman and she can totally carry it off.

  18. Laveena at | | Reply

    Not to be mean but the colours are so jarringly bright, am thinking rose syrup and orange squash

  19. MANGOgrl at | | Reply

    To me she’s a diva.

  20. Zee at | | Reply

    She lost so much weight!! Looks lovely. I wish Tina Ambani would have a similar makeover though! Tina was so so beautiful with such a great figure! Sigh!

  21. Gossipgirl at | | Reply

    she’s pretty, obscenely rich and now, reasonably thin as well…why would she subject herself to such clothes????

  22. dn at | | Reply

    She is not very fashion forward (whatever that means), but she likes to be in her comfort zone, which I respect. Just because she has a lot of money, she doesn’t need to spend lots on designer clothes. The saree and dress are not good, but the colours look good on her. The dress would have been better if it had not been asymmetrical, looks awful in the 3rd pic.

  23. shooting star at | | Reply

    she has lost oodles of weight !!…luks like compeitition btwn tina ambani and her !!

  24. NOGINA at | | Reply

    I can’t see pass her skin tone. she needs a vacation in Hawaii or better so gift herself a tropical island.

  25. sri at | | Reply

    Have to give it to her for wearing typical indian colors(bright pink and orange, the colors the world over is now celebrating) and in indian attires . Thats a welcome change for our sore eyes!

  26. star at | | Reply

    Totally agree ..ha ha

  27. charan at | | Reply

    sorry Ms.Ambani, both colours dont work on you :(

  28. anita at | | Reply

    i like her jewelry more than her clothes.. she wears very expensive and classy jewelry – big emeralds, big diamonds :-)

  29. pooja at | | Reply

    Wow Kudos to her for all the weight loss…its certainly not easy.She looks like barbieish in the pink..her body looks healthy and I’m sure she feels it too…..

  30. Pri at | | Reply

    with a sari like that… she could fit right into an ekta kapoor show! she looks soo much better just casual esp during the MI matches.

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