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  1. probster at | | Reply

    shefali’s worn Vipul’s shirt…LOL… :))

  2. thePURPLEspirit at | | Reply

    I get so distrurbed when the fit of the denims are off… Maheka’s denims are soo ill fitted… they are too long, for one… and coz of this they seem extra narrow (but not in a good way) at the bottom making it seem ill fitted over the thigh area! Ugh! Neelam’s fit, on the other hand is perfect!

  3. FARAH at | | Reply

    Neelam looks lovely and fresh..i loveee her red miu miu

    1. Shivangi at | | Reply

      yup Neelam looks lovely…

  4. Kiwi at | | Reply

    I do not like Neelam’s shoes

  5. Mayuri at | | Reply

    Neelam is perfectly turned out, as usual. It never ceases to amaze me that Maheka Mirpuri is a designer…sigh!

  6. meria at | | Reply

    i just luv shirts and shirt dresses especially white.

  7. Maansi at | | Reply

    Err, I think you got the L to R incorrectly here, ladies.

  8. desiette at | | Reply

    Oops! Looks like you got the order mixed up P&P. That caption should read Maheka Mirpuri, Neelam and Shefali :)

  9. Arpita at | | Reply

    Havent you mixed up the order. Neelam is in the middle

  10. monika at | | Reply

    Neelam looks so tired but certainly the best of the lot as far as styling goes.
    I personally love white shirts

  11. amber at | | Reply

    do people in the industry not like twinkle khanna? i mean look at how most of them turned up at her launch? shefali shah looks like she just woke up from bed, throw on that shirt one last time before she put it in the laundry, and just grace the function with her presence!

  12. Sej at | | Reply

    Prey tell an unenlightened fashion follower like myself what is so ‘in’ about wearing shades inside a room??? I can see one sporting them on their head when inside but to actually wear them and cover your eyes. Umm never got it and I don’t think I ever will. We get your shades cost a buzillion dollars and even without the shades we know you are important already since you are at an event like this.

  13. S at | | Reply

    For me Neelam wins because I can’t see her bra at least not in this pic.

  14. Kanira at | | Reply

    Neelam does look the best amongst these women..though I didn’t like any of the white shirts including Neelam’s

    1. sonia at | | Reply

      i agree…neelams shirt is also nt dat gud..

  15. sonia at | | Reply

    yeah neelam looks the best….but only cos she is lookin simple n doesnt look like she is confused with colours…

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