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  1. K at | | Reply

    How old is she?

    I agree with you though, Priyanka. Another thing, she’s mostly seen in something black….. some colors would also be fun!

  2. Melinda at | | Reply

    I agree with you, the dress is nothing amazing…jus a plain lbd. she should have played it up with some accessories

  3. Anu* at | | Reply

    Well, at least she dressed them differently. Strappy looks better on her I think.

    Also, is it the angle of the pic or has the gained weight since the Drona premiere?

  4. Anu* at | | Reply

    I meant “she” not “the”

    ..and I like her silver purse more than the black bag

  5. rubywoo at | | Reply

    What a difference a photo angle makes- the first shot is sooo much more flattering than the second one – is it the same dress though – the first is has thin spaghetti straps whilst the second is strapless- anyhoo – Ms Kotharia is glowing – such a pretty pretty woman, the dress is meh – but she carries it off – apart from the dodgy camera angle in the second pic.

  6. gullu at | | Reply

    I loved the dress and the shoes… For me, its better to stay simple than to make a WTHeyy!! entry :D

  7. hobbes at | | Reply

    I like the dress – the neck makes it more than just an LBD. And she’s accessorised well with long earrings and the clutch in silver.

  8. KK at | | Reply

    I like it the second time around too.. And those are some really nice shoes!!

  9. tehreem at | | Reply

    she looks good the first time around…

  10. kiran at | | Reply

    neelam’s so pretty and natural. i wish she would be more interesting in her fashion choices. this is too safe.

  11. Wami at | | Reply

    What Indian celebs still haven’t accepted, is that when you get to a certain age, hemlines really must at least graze the knee. Far more elegant and appropriate.

  12. mia at | | Reply

    @ wami

    if one has a good body, there’s no need to keep it under wraps if done tastefully. neelam doesn’t even look anywhere near her age. guys her age are all half naked like salman, akshay, shahrukh and no one is saying that’s inappropriate. it’s not nice to have one rule for guys and another one for women.

  13. reta at | | Reply

    what an outdated notion. Wear and let wear ;)

  14. Sonia99 at | | Reply

    It has nothing to do with age. If you have the body to carry it off, short hemlines can look good at any age. Neelam is in decent shape, no reason she should swaddle herself in loads of fabric. She looks simple and chic here.

  15. diptiN at | | Reply

    i like the dress, shoes and clutch at the Drona premier, she has put on some weight, so the dress does not look good in the picture on the right. The way she dresses matches her personality. simple but elegent

  16. Sharin at | | Reply

    Am glad she nixed the bra straps. I hate when people wear black and then feel that just because it’s black they can pull off wearing a bra underneath to make it look like spaghetti straps. I duno I think I can always tell. Her body is fine for this dress I think it’s appropriate. She’s just not tan so it kind of looks “naked” when you look at her legs but it’s still fine.

  17. Wami at | | Reply

    judging by the response to my comment, apparently it’s not only the celebs who don’t get the age/hemline correlation! One may well have the body, and killer pins, but it’s about flattering your body shape, and she would have looked far sexier if the dress had been on the knee.

  18. Jawaher at | | Reply

    As long as she is happy with her looks it doesn’t really matter what others think. She feels comfortable being simple elegant and classy. Way to go neelam

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