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  1. Lalitha at | | Reply

    I am not really sure I like either of her outfits but she has a sweet open face. Marriage seems to suit her!

  2. Shweta Singh at | | Reply

    I kind of liked her casual avatar better than her dressed-up look!! She looks so happy and is glowing after her marriage…:)
    Neelam is one of the few women who have inherent style…they don’t have to work to hard on their to make a style statement…it comes naturally to her! Cheers to that :)

    1. Shweta Singh at | | Reply

      whoops typo *work to hard to make some style statement…

  3. Ramya at | | Reply

    I think both the looks are very ‘meh’. Also, she looks very top heavy in both these pics – cant figure out if she was always like this or do the clothes make her look like this?

  4. Rashi at | | Reply

    The dress she wore to the movie screening, is it Zara? I think it is but it hasn’t been seen in the collections in India

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