Bag Spotting


Spotted Neelam with an Exotic Valentino Maison tote at a recent store launch! (Below is a version of the bag!)

Thats just what her outfit needed; the bag broke up the rather monochromatic and bland look with some color and texture!

P.S: Have to say, much prefer the belt on her when compared to its previous appearance!


Neelam At Ceres Store Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. She does look better, but a jumpsuit is not the best outfit choice when your shoulders are broader than your hips- or at least have the appearance of being so. The bag does sharpen the her whole appearance though.

  2. I like the bag, do not care for the jumpsuit, one has to be tall to look good in a jumpsuit and pants that end at the ankle make one look shorter. But she comes across as a sweet person.


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