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  1. SeXY Devil at | | Reply

    I think the original one (in a bigger size) would have fit better. Are we in danger of a wardrobe malfunction with the variation one?

  2. annie at | | Reply

    is she wearing a tiara?

  3. _*Dia*_ at | | Reply

    i dont like the cotton candy colour of the gown and to add to that, it had to be so ill-fitted :S

  4. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I’m ALL for the head pieces! :D
    and I agree with ther logic, maxis are really the best for pregant ladies (besides, they are so comfortable)
    and I DO think that we are in danger of a wardrobe malfunction (if there isn’t one there already *squints but isn’t sure*

    I can’t really put her at fault though, her body is changing

  5. Megha at | | Reply

    the fit is bad but the colour looks so lovely on her

  6. Sonia99 at | | Reply

    Maybe she’s just happy to have bigger boobs… :)
    I like the dress but that tiara is ridiculous. She is preggers but looks like a kid in the pink+tiara.

  7. Keya at | | Reply

    bad fit… and I agree that her body is changing but she could have gone a size higher. In fact I do kinda fear the wardrobe malfunction if I look the second picture very closely… OMG wouldn’t it be so embarassing if it is.

  8. K at | | Reply

    Such a pretty gown! But Madam Poonawala is just *siiigh* /reserves comment since I wanna get approved. ;)

  9. Nepali at | | Reply

    They are almost out; she took the taking risk in fashion to another level. I also fear what if the zipper breaks; she should not touch the dress until she is back to her normal size. Hope everything was fine.

  10. Too poor to make it to HHC at | | Reply

    Natasha has a cute face, i wish she would dress fresh and cute instead of the overboard glamour. And i am over with chiffony gowns…the look like nightdresses my mum used to wear when travelling. LOL! at home she just wore cotton ones.

  11. D at | | Reply

    I think there’s a little peek-a-boo thing happening in the close-up shot… If it is, then this can be the right fashion statement at all!

  12. J at | | Reply

    The dress also reminds me of Aishwarya’s outfit at th Pink Panther premiere.

  13. Jazz at | | Reply

    oouccchhh!! I too hope nothing went wrong…. she looks cute … this shade of pink is too loud though

  14. yamy at | | Reply

    ummm.. Don’t like the princess gone to prom look one bit! And a little teeth with that smile would have done wonders..Please don’t disapprove me for saying this! :P

  15. Sona at | | Reply

    I agree with dia – the colour is so tacky!

  16. FARAH at | | Reply

    i love pregnant women who dress stylish BUT she is seriously bursting out of this. In pregnancy it’s nice to go simple and elegant instead of %#@@%&* (am sure u get what i mean)

  17. chubs.. at | | Reply

    i have this clutch in blue!!!

  18. k= at | | Reply

    she looks fabulous!! love the headpiece and the bottega!! droooll!

  19. hana at | | Reply

    the second picture [the closer one] is OMG … I think! I learned my lesson of when’ll get preggers! lol

  20. CocoNUT at | | Reply

    Aww she’s glowing! :)

    I’m pretty sure she didn’t mean to wear the dress like that, remember ladies, when you get pregnant IT’S NO SURPRISE THAT YOUR BOOBS GROW! So she probably bought the dress when she wasn’t showing too much

    I love that dress on her, the color looks great against her skin. And nothing wrong with a tiara

  21. romi at | | Reply

    yikes wardrobe malfunction!picture 2 says it all….kind of silly she uses hair pieces that mayb a schoolgirl uses :))

  22. Shweta at | | Reply

    Looks like she’s channeling Paris Hilton’s style….baby pink, tiara et al. lol

  23. desi.girl at | | Reply

    3 words- oh. my. god.

  24. chic chick at | | Reply

    3 words- get. a. life- it is perfectly okay for a woman to show a little cleavage!!! GOD, when is India ever going to move into the 21st century witht the rest of the world? No wonder all our celebs dress so pathetically, becuase they know some one is going to be commenting on them liek this all the time. I tihnk this site is awesome but compare it with any western celeb sighting site and you’ll see the sad difference!

  25. wa at | | Reply

    she looks like princess POPOUT! and your smile is so artificial

  26. KELLY at | | Reply

    she looks so adorable

  27. Fever at | | Reply

    I bet Kelly above me is either Natasha Poonwala herself, or a friend of hers (or an outraged stylist) because she’s commetning on only all of natasha poonwalla’s posts … LOL

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