Fab Or Drab?


Spotted Natasha Poonawala in Gucci at a recent jewelry store launch… Sure there’s a lot going on, multiple chain belts, detailing on the side of her pants etc… But, while this look would have been an outright ‘wthey’ on someone else, she manages to totally work the look! We love the colors, the clothes, the hairband and mostly, the way she wears it all!

natasha-poonawalatara-sharma-jooal-jewelry-launch-orange-top-chocolate-birkin-bag-11.jpg natasha-poonawalatara-sharma-jooal-jewelry-launch-orange-top-chocolate-birkin-bag1.jpg

Natasha Poonawala


Gucci Fall 2008

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. ur so right! like i looked at the pic and it was like, oh yeh…and then when i was readin the text…i was confused…then read the end…and agreed, it DOES work on her! somehow.

    but how?

  2. @annie – i think that is the prob with clothes of this sort. either you wear them loose and they look illfitting or tighter in which case they look obscene. i like the shirt. not feeling the pants at all. even though they’re gucci… and she somehow makes its rock. its more ‘costume’ than style.

  3. i think she looks as good as the model. the ramp to real life look is the one who translates it best. its a tad loud, but just out of curiousity – is she exiting or entering the jewellery store? she looks like she bought the SHOP!!!!

  4. I actually don’t like the top with this. I just don’t think it goes I mean the pants are like rockstar, biker, studded, hardcore.. and then the top is a flowy “mom” top.. her hairband TOTALLY doesn’t go it’s so girly girl and her hair is so girly girl prissy princess as well. I hope the pants were worn with some killer shoes or ankle booties because otherwise with the detailing on the side they could look a little tracksuit bottom-ish without the right shoes. It’s not a wthey though I mean she passes.. I just think the pants deserved a better ensemble than this one.

  5. she’s pretty and has oodles of confidence. being married to a billionaire helps in this department. however, the way she has put this outfit together is almost a wthey for me. but on the bright side at least she isn’t going with the barbie doll look.

  6. agree with sharin: the top doesn’t quite gel that well with the pants. and the birkin soooooo does not go with the ensemble. it’s like the top is mommy type, the pants are biker type, and the bag is office type. seems like natasha woke up somewhat discombobulated that morning.

  7. I am half-expecting the pants to light up like Amitabh’s in ‘Yaarana’!
    The lady looks very fresh and girly neck up. I wish the black cami wasn’t peeking through the top, its not that low!

  8. I like the hairband, the top, the bag everything….except for those pants. I really wish it did not have that detailing on the sides. She is looking really good though!!

  9. I really like the orange on the top but wish she had paired this with white pants/gray pants…she does look good..i really like her hairband..


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