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  1. monika at | | Reply

    No way! Me thinks this dress is not suiting her at all. It looks amazing on the model though

    1. meria at | | Reply


  2. Su at | | Reply

    damn…birkin number 3!

  3. bubs at | | Reply

    This is soooo not suiting her – I think these bollywood types/socialites need to think what suits there body type before spending thousands on something just because its the latest designer thing or whatever.

  4. stuti at | | Reply

    Aww. i love pregnant women!

  5. Su at | | Reply

    wait a sec….this is birkin no. 4!

  6. Lalitha at | | Reply

    I agree with Monika! The blue of that birkin is tooo much yaaar!

  7. SM at | | Reply

    Figure appropriate? I dont think so!

  8. gina at | | Reply

    Dont like it on her and the scarf is so out of place.Nice flats though and the birkin is sooo yummy.I adore the dress on the model.

  9. Karishma at | | Reply

    I actually love the number on the model and hate the one on Natasha P.!!

  10. Nasrin at | | Reply

    you cannot wear a tube top dress with so much endowment and not enough support…just ruins the dress

  11. FARAH at | | Reply

    As much as i am all for pregnant women dressing cool, i feel that she should now wear clothes to accomodate and suit her new shape.
    it’s a nice dress, but with the belt on the belly (uncomfy).
    Its time she realised and readjusted her clothes a bit..

  12. Annnmmmm at | | Reply

    No No no- doesn’t look good at all

  13. Mizmoonlight at | | Reply

    While I think the dress looks cute, especially with the way she has accessorised it with her choice of bag and footwear… I cant say I care for the white scarf/stole… Why??? Especially in this sweltering heat, why?

  14. KD at | | Reply

    ummm…I hate to ask this but is she preggo? if she is, too cute..if not, bad choice

  15. NJ at | | Reply

    The outfit on the model is amazing though i feel Natasha’s version shows too much skin, and unnecessarily at that. Also, whats with the scarf in this hot and humid weather?

  16. Clio at | | Reply

    Eewwww! No, it is dreadful on her. Bad, bad choice for this girl; the scarf and belt are astonishingly poor accessory selection.

  17. kavitha at | | Reply

    she looks trashy here

  18. Clueless at | | Reply

    I prefer the outfit on the model. But the colour of her birkin is totally delish!

  19. ngm82 at | | Reply

    that baby birkin is so cute! :)
    her face looks really pretty..
    dont like the dress so much.. the other version of it looks really nice!

  20. kahlu at | | Reply

    Agree with Monika.

  21. Jems at | | Reply

    love the missoni top…really dont like the skirt, atleast on natasha anyways…

  22. charan at | | Reply

    she runied a nice dress and i hate that belt!

  23. al at | | Reply


  24. rubywoo at | | Reply

    not flattering her at all

  25. CocoNUT at | | Reply

    I think the dress suits her figure fine, its flowy and light and she carries it off well. She looks so cute!

  26. April at | | Reply

    Love the dress not on Natasha though.She needs to stay away from these dresses.For starters she’s slouching.

    Cute smile,anyways.

  27. shonali at | | Reply

    love the dress but i don’t think it’s appropriate for a pregnant woman. why cant she wait until after the baby comes to wear all her cute dresses?

  28. FREIDA FAN at | | Reply

    dont like the dress or it on her. shes great but this just doesnt work on her for me. love the sandals tho! i wd really like to see her entire closet ! evreytime we see her she is head to toe in some major desginer label.

  29. Smriti at | | Reply

    @shonali – I love that she’s comfortable wearing that when she is pregnant! I would think that being pregnant in Bombay in summer would mean you need to wear as little as possible because of your body being hot as wel as the weather being horribly hot! I love pregnant women who wear whatever they want!

  30. tina at | | Reply

    The outfit looks amazing on the model. Natasha completely ruins it. It’s so not appropriate for her body type. She makes it look like something she picked up from the clearance rack instead of a designer dress.

  31. suchi at | | Reply

    model’s version looks nicer

  32. Jasmine at | | Reply

    That dress looks really bad on her. I love it when pregnant women wear dresses but this particular one doesn’t look good on her. I think something longer would’ve looked better.

  33. Antonia at | | Reply

    It’s a pretty dress. I’d love to see a real life person (ie not a model) wear the second version.

  34. Kimmy at | | Reply

    loooooove the top and skirt!

  35. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    sorry, i always comment on a picture without actually commenting on the picture.

    i think she is taking the chic-pregnant lady bit too far. she seems to have come far enough along in her pregnancy to give fashion a break and worry more about her own wellbeing and comfort.

  36. Prat at | | Reply

    She looks great and glowing. To all those who think dressing up in pregnancy is bad…please…..

    Pregnancy is such a wonderful time and she is enjoying life in the true sense. And it is weather appropriate..and she is in HiFi circle where she doesn’t have to worry about peering eyes of eve-teasers. She has every right to dress this way.

    Why such negative comments??

    She does have a sense of style. You go girl!!!

  37. Karishma at | | Reply

    Do agree with Prat, God knows women need to do everything they can to feel happy, attractive and comfortable during their pregnancy. So yeah, I don’t think she should give fashion a break, stay at home or stop partying.

    And I do realize that I already have cited my dislike of the dress on Natasha, I merely meant that I don’t particularly care for Natasha’s version i.e. if I were to see both the dresses in a store, I would opt for the one on the model, just more aesthetically pleasing imo

  38. D at | | Reply

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with following fashion while you’re pregnant, but that fashion should suit the pregnant you. The dress is great, but those thighs aren’t!

  39. Anita at | | Reply

    she looks mighty silly in that short dress with her hair done up like that and that matchy bag and scarf ndthose sunglasses – they dont suit her one bit.. is she preggers? I thought she was just chbby// Love the dress, but i dont like any of the clothes that she wears, on her.

  40. G at | | Reply

    Natasha could do far bttr with the model version.. but in this version she looks too bulky…eww.. and the beg is really gOOD

  41. Shireen at | | Reply

    ya. her figure is so much similar to the model’s! why?!

  42. vishnupadi at | | Reply

    Sweet sandals! Want!

  43. Ethnic at | | Reply

    Flat footwear is making her look fat ……

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