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  1. Sharin at | | Reply

    I loveee Balmain. I don’t know if anyone quite has the edge needed to pull it off without looking contrived.

  2. kaya at | | Reply

    Julia Restoin-Roitfeld absolutely owned this Balmain dress in this color and another…

  3. diptiN at | | Reply

    I do not like this jacket, not a fan of anything blingy. But Natasha has worn this jacket well

  4. Uzair at | | Reply

    Sonam Kapoor wore Balmain booties with that Balenciaga-y print dress to some charity event :\

  5. belle desse at | | Reply

    @ PnP: considering that we’ve seen the bollywood set ruin even the most basic of outfits with their sense of style (cue Katrina’s junk food tee or Kareena’s bugs bunny tee with the camel toe and countless others) do you REALLY want to see what they do with something as tricky as Balmain’s statement couture? LOL I for one am grateful that we’ve been spared that horror thus far!

    The jacket is sumptuous in a very edgy way…but Natasha is not working it. I give the lady her due for steering away from the unimaginative outfits that most of Mumbai’s social set stick to, but she really does not pull them off… at all!

    The jacket would work well with the body type of a tall, statuesque and slender woman. Add dramatic, smoky eyes, ultra-straight black hair, black skinny jeans/ black liquid leggings and a pair of killer, stiletto-heeled boots (black again) while keeping everything else COMPLETELY minimal to let the bling of the jacket shine through and you have a winner.

    As for the dress, I’ve been lusting after it for quite some time now…love, love, love. But NOT with that choker! The dress itself is such a dramatic, statement outfit hat the last thing it needs is heavy jewellery or any kind of bling accessory.

    1. gaga at | | Reply

      well said. balmain needs personality, an attitude.
      maybe it is a good thing that bollywood and the socialites sticks to cavalli, bcbg, leger…it’s what they can carry. they would kill a jean gaultier, zanotti, or a mcqueen.
      i think they don’t have the body type nor the flair.

  6. kitschy gal at | | Reply

    I just saw this pic in my morning newspaper.. and i was OMG, BAALMAIN! seriously, even though she wears it well… i’d like more edge to a piece like that.. Attitude.. edgy hair.. more drama.. something’s missing!! i need more chutzpah!! lol

    maybe she wore killer heels, though its highly unlikely!!

  7. spongy at | | Reply

    whass wid the pointed shoulders on the jacket…lookin so silly on natasha..

  8. Nida at | | Reply

    Trickiest piece of couture EVER! Yet so wonderful… thinking about the filmy crowd touching this makes me shudder. Except for Sonam, I see her attempting it (can’t say working it for sure ’cause this jacket scares me in that it’s so full of potential but can very easily be ruined).

    1. Nida at | | Reply

      Oh and perhaps Twinkle too!

  9. Jazz at | | Reply

    Why do they make silhouettes that eff up the human anatomy itself when worn? She looks like she’s participating in a Fancy-dress competition!

  10. sania chaudhri at | | Reply

    i think you need to have a fierce sense of fashion attitude for balmain,either you have it or done,money cany buy it and in the cases above money CERTAILNY didnt buy them that attitude!

  11. Maze at | | Reply

    I like Priyanka’s look (apart from the shoes), I wish her hair was up or pushed back though.

  12. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I too love Balmain, and I too agree that very few of our site regulars can pull it off. I’m thinking Shruti Hasaan, but even then.

  13. Antonia at | | Reply

    That Balmain jacket is so scrumtious. .
    But is she wearing navy denims with it =-[

  14. Pri at | | Reply

    The jacket is not one of my favs, but with the right styling it could have looked a lot better than it does (whats new?)…As for the dress, I wish I could get a closer look at it but I love it and I wish I could see the choker up close but just by looking at the dress, it seems obvious that any elaborate jewelery would be just a bit much!

  15. mj15 at | | Reply

    agree agree agree with everyone here. one comment on the bollywood types wearing balmain:
    * no one in bollywood has the style chops (except sonam and preity zinta) to even know Balmain considering it is a recently revived house
    * sonam is probably the only one who’d think it through and style the whole outfit (whether the jacket or the dress) and do the ensemble justice, head to toe. Preity keeps things too simple and looks too cute to carry off seriously edgy clothes
    * though the girls make a lot money, they just don’t make enough to plan a retirement well as well as be able to affrod serious couture for their personal wardrobes :-) …except miss zinta, maybe…that’s why they are all climbing on the IPL bandwagon!!

  16. TumHum at | | Reply

    Didnt Sonam Kapoor already wear Balmain footwear already?
    I dont like Natasha’s jacket … too OTT

  17. charan at | | Reply

    Only person i see carrying Balmian is Nina Manuel.

  18. Nick at | | Reply

    I have seen the jacket before on this site.. its beautiful.

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