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    On behalf of all-the-normal-sari-drapers, I take the liberty to declare that outfit on the left as What the Heyy!!

    PnP, the traditionalists you are, how can you ignore that bra-blouse ? And how does Natasha look overwhelmed in hers ?

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    FUGLLYYYY!!!! i’l take some tym to realise dat ……….yes dey r wearin a blouse…….DISLIKEEE

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    If India had a commercial flight into space, this would be the air-hostesses’ uniforms! tea anyone?

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    an none of these two is WTHeyyyy…. how come?

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    eeeeeks. what hideous outfits! both ladies look awful!

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    What is this…1 1/2 boobs and 1/2 boob show? Groan!

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    both of them look hideous??? i’m surprise they decided to wear it.

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    I wont call that a bias as much as a WTHEYYYYYYY !!! Ridiculous !

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    uh oh! neither for me..no grace, no style. trying to be different and looking weird

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    Both are terrible looks – neither fares well at all IMO.

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    omg Ms.Gill ! what is the drape. The saree looks simple & nice, but hate the drape.
    Natasha looks fine mainly when compared to Ms.Gill.

    (Natasha’s saree would have looked better if the orange garment on her right shoulder was the same fabric as her saree, as now it looks too contrasting for her saree. The silver lining also could have been little thin or should have had flowery design).

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    Hahaha I burst out laughing when I saw the two outfits! I can’t believe couture week celebrates designers who makes these monstrosities year after year..really what’s going on with ze boobage area?! The sari is already complicated enough, add to that an over-the top and completely weird blouse and you have a fashion roadkill/rampkill whatever you call it. I’m aghast you chose the better of the 2 evils High Heel Confi.. its a Neither, No Way Hosey for them both. xx

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    “we are quite the traditionalists and so the bias is entirely our own” that’s the reason why i thought ull would pick natasha..
    ms gill qualifies for a wthey wid tat blouse /bikini..it looks so out of the place.. nor can she carry it off..

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    its one thing to reinterpret indian wear and mordernise or whatever and its another when you butcher it completely …they should stop calling themselves designer

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    I guess you don’t need any talent to qualify to show at a Couture Week. This is not fashion or creativity. It’s just plain old ugliness. Yech!!

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    Somebody teach them the basics of draping a saree plz…this is so ridiculous…WTF! are they wearing….even my 7 yr old niece can do a much better drape..

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    one word for both. ugh.

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    You lady are all wrong. May I kindly acknowledge dat lady on left is hot chick and lady on right is glowing.

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