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  1. Dreamer Doll at | | Reply

    Quite frankly, neither. That folded effect only accentuates curvy hips and doesn’t give a very flattering effect.
    But if I had to choose, then Narmada, purely because of the rosy colour and tamer neckline.

  2. debs at | | Reply

    not really the same dress…the neckline is clean in narmada’s case, which makes it so much better. neither rocks the dress çause its not a rockable dress. but i wud probably choose the pink one if i had to.

  3. Sonia99 at | | Reply

    The neckline on Ishita’s dress is not flattering and her shoes are simply UGH!
    Narmada does much better, but needs hair volumizing.

  4. hhcregular at | | Reply

    Sonam wore a drashta dress in blue w the same kind of hem…the big diff (in the dress) was that the hemline was higher..
    4 inches off the skirt would draw attention to the length of the leg…as it should…rather than unflatteringly accentuate the hip.

  5. malini at | | Reply

    narmada. please don’t be an actress.. or try to be one

  6. debs at | | Reply

    @ hhcregular

    the drashta dress on sonam was also of a textured fabric and had a fitted bodice.very nice indeed….but requires the wearer to have a certain edgy attitude. i doubt if any of these two could carry off that drashta number.

  7. Ngm82 at | | Reply

    thats a lovely shade of pink! but that clutch.. who carries such awful sequined clutch?? and the dress does nothing for her!

  8. Chandi at | | Reply

    hehe..Malini I share your thoughts. Just because you are a actors daughter doesnt mean you have to be a actress. You need an x factor which I think this girl lacks. And yeah the color of the dress is nice but it doesnt flatter her.

  9. kimmy at | | Reply

    ugh! Ishita’s shoes are not giving her the length to wear that dress…the ankle straps maker her look stubby. By default, Narmada wins, but all in all I think this dress was just not meant to be worn…back to the rack!

  10. Surbhi at | | Reply

    dont like either… the folds around the waist make it look queer

  11. Shweta12 at | | Reply

    That’s one ugly dress…

  12. FARAH at | | Reply

    ishita is killing it with the fugly bag, fugly earings and fuglier shoes..
    and narmada is extremely average looking..so neither of them

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