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  1. Asha at | | Reply

    You’re right…the open version strangely enough, looks way more stylish than the pinned-up version.

  2. Farrah at | | Reply

    Sometimes I really wonder what’s the scene like in India. I’ve been to India at least twice and didn’t find it much different from Pakistan where it comes to street atmosphere and interaction between men/women. So, what’s it like with male photographers, journalists, media, bodyguards, waiters at events, drivers, and any other sleazy endowed-or-not passers-by … and women donning revealing and sexy clothes. Now, I’m all for women wearing whatever they want, but I am aware of the dirty minds of the other sex, and feel uncomfortable walking out without a dupatta or scarf. Must take A HECK OF A LOT OF CONFIDENCE! Just wanted to hear what’s it like across the border.

    1. Avani at | | Reply

      Well you dont get to see such plunging necklines among the regular peeps on the road. And the actors also abide by the particular movie industry when they go on movie promotions, screening, other public events and suchlike. While the actors show up in the movies in almost next to nothing, lol, they definitely will be lynched if they show up in “exposing” clothes in public for sure. Plus lot depends on who the producer is, the promotors, event attendees to probably decide on a dress code I would think.

      1. Farrah at | | Reply

        Yea that does make sense. But one gets to SEE a lot lately on every colored carpet. Anyhow. The industry is about confidence and nobody is strutting around without it. Hey thanks Avani !

    2. Melange at | | Reply

      I’ve not been to Pakistan, but have been to a few Islamic countries. And from my experience, India is way more relaxed about women’s attire in comparison. What is considered revealing in some cultures is pretty much regular here. But only in comparison though!
      Also, it really depends on the kind of places you’re going to. There might be a few stares if one were to step out in a mini-skirt and tube top on a busy street, but it wouldn’t be out of place in a nightclub or a music festival.

    3. Saphire at | | Reply

      Hey Farrah I am curious about Pakistan. I have never been to Pakistan. How is it there generally and for women? I feel scary about Pakistan after what happened to Malala Yousufzai. Is it really scary or is it okay there? Talking about India, Muslims in India feel that India is a safest and secular place for Muslims in the entire world. Because it is not as strict as Middle East and no racism towards Muslims like in Western countries. I am from Hyderabad and if you go to Hyderabad you can see so many Dia Mirzas and Aishwarya Rais lol.

      1. Farrah at | | Reply

        Aww hey Saphire. I don’t find it scary living here. The idea of being in Pakistan is scary, and I’ve experienced that when I left for a while as well. It’s definitely not so strict as some middle-eastern countries. But it also depends on the kind of circles you’re moving in and around with, which can dictate how you carry yourself. It’d be cool to visit Hyderabad and see all the Aishwaryas and Dia Mirzas :’D

        1. Sapphire at | | Reply

          Haha… love from India. And I imagine Pakistan has many Nazia Hassans. I love Nazia Hassan. She is even more prettier and classier than Dia Mirza.

  3. Bweeze at | | Reply

    So true. Shouldve picked something entirely different. Also what is up with those shoes.

  4. Colormenot at | | Reply

    Wonder if the show organizers asked her to cover up. She rocks the non pinned version.

  5. slc at | | Reply

    I also prefer the open version…but at a ‘Dance Plus’ set…can you imagine if she were requested to dance on stage…glad she took the advice to pin it up. Plus she doesn’t really look too comfortable unpinned either.

  6. Avani at | | Reply

    She looks friggin hot in that dress. What a fantastic body. The color looks so good on her skin tone too. Well, its India, actors would be then asked to write apology for inappropriate dressing to the “VIP” present if she didnt pinup. Lol.

  7. sarah at | | Reply

    Can you id the shoes ?

  8. D at | | Reply

    It’s a gorgeous dress. I agree about it not looking right pinned up. What’s up with the fit of her shoes though? The style totally works with the dress, but they seem huge on her. It makes the overall look come off a little sloppy, IMO.

  9. Sara at | | Reply

    I think she looked fabulous in this dress. She nailed everything .. It wasn’t too much and to the point.
    Only Nargis with her figure cud have carried it

    1. Sup at | | Reply

      +1.. while it would have been nice if she left it as-is, she rocks both versions.
      This woman is perfection!

  10. A at | | Reply

    I think she looks better in the open version. Overall love this look

  11. Miss Big Dreams at | | Reply

    Love those shoes.. She looks lovely in both versions

  12. Swastika at | | Reply

    Sometimes celebrities asks about dress code while attending to that particular event to organizers. It depends on what kind of viewers they have. Bt these days each and every channel have their own award function. and these actresses wear even more revealing outfits to which ever color carpet it may be. Wen channels are absolutely okay with these outfits during those functions why not in other shows??

    PS: i dont watch this show. If this is children’s reality show, then i agree that these plunging necklines are event inappropriate

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