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  1. Adhishree at | | Reply

    The dress is nice and subtle, unlike her makeup.
    The fishtail braid looks very nice with the dress though. Not a bad look :)

  2. SS at | | Reply

    Of course. Totally harmless. Hate photographers pounding on stars at funerals though.
    I don’t like her hair. Too flat/oily. Looks very severe on her face.

    1. Shabana at | | Reply

      I agree completely. If celebs are ok to pose at celebrations, religious or otherwise, for pics there’s no issue. But what I hate is photographers and tv crews thrusting cameras in celebs faces at funerals and prayer meets. It’s disrespectful to the deceased and those grieving.

  3. Tanya at | | Reply

    This is not a bad look at all, considering the over-the-top dresses out there in the market. And I feel there is nothing wrong in posting pictures of celebrities from places of worship. If they had a problem with it, they wouldn’t pose. So you are bang on with your ideology there :).

  4. Observer at | | Reply

    I think none of this is fair game: airports, places of worship, hospitals. In general you guys do a great job, and I enjoy your blog, but when there are negative comments about a celebrity’s style in such situations, it makes me want to stop reading. It seems somehow far too intrusive and judgmental.

    1. Mel at | | Reply


    2. Raima at | | Reply

      Couldn’t agree more. I don’t think celebrities pose as much as they ‘go along with it’ in these instances. And why wouldn’t they? Anyone with semi-decent PR skills knows that being approachable, nice and friendly are pre-requisites for image building.
      But I don’t think, given a choice, the majority appreciate being photographed at these places. They certainly wouldn’t like to have their style commented on.

      1. Phoenix at | | Reply

        If you don’t think celebs get styled for events such as this you are as naive as a newborn baby.

  5. DiptiN at | | Reply

    Never thought I would see anyone beside Sonam and deepika look good in an anarkali. She looks very good and I love the hair and make up. Great improvement from her days following the release of Rockstar.

  6. kasthuri at | | Reply

    Love the nicely oiled and braided hair.
    I ll leave the ethics to you both. I think you do a good job ( you have already avoided kids and celebrities in funerals etc which is very very sensible).

  7. shravya at | | Reply

    I love how dewy her skin looks!
    I think it’s fair given how far along the definition of ‘technology’ and ‘privacy’ have come to be. However, I agree. judging one’s attire under that circumstance is a tad bit unfair.

  8. couldcarelessaboutponytails at | | Reply

    i mean its probably not right to post pictures of people when they get out of flights and are probably tired and just trying to get to their cars like normal people but if that kind of thing gets dissected in detail then whats a couple of paparazzi pictures to be uncomfortable about

  9. olala at | | Reply

    I think it is fair when they are posing for publicity (as they are, more often than not).

    It is not fair to criticize if someone is coming back from the hospital after giving birth *ahem* certain commentators on aishwarya’s slippers and her repeating a salwar kurta *cough*.

    I even saw some close-up shots of fakhri welling up at the meeting with ganpati bappa. so much drama, i tell you! :D

  10. Ketaki at | | Reply

    Honestly, if they wanted to be left alone they wouldn’t pose for the paparazzi would they? Besides which it’s as much a social event as a religious one…

  11. shaila at | | Reply

    she looks lovely, definitely one of her better appearances.

  12. T at | | Reply

    I’ve always been on the fence about fashion blogs reporting on anyone under eighteen. Star Kids, young debutantes whoever it is. What is highheelconfidential’s policy on that?

  13. Phoenix at | | Reply

    Come on now, these people get STYLED for airports and events such as this… whether it’s advice from their designer friends or hiring someone – celebrities firstly have their PR reps CALL the papz to make sure they’re there for when they land at airports and for events such as this. It’s good PR. Unless they’re slumming it at their house – anything is fair game P&P! I almost wish celebs would hire stylists for funerals as well because half of these people cannot seem to figure out how to dress for them! Some turn up as if they are going for a party.

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