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  1. tina at | | Reply

    Don’t like.

    She’s dressed like a 50 year old. I could imagine Neetu Singh dressed like this.

  2. annie at | | Reply

    For some reason she looks uncomfortable in these clothes. She used to look so cute with long hair and Indian outfits. She should wear vibrant colors, and leave the baby pinks peaches and beige.

  3. an at | | Reply

    doesnt she remind you of the drastic change in Katie Holmes after marriage.?As someone pointed out how great she used to look before with her long hair and gorgeous salwar kameezes.

  4. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I too have been drawn towards the pinks lately- I feel for you Sonali dear
    as I have said numerous NUMEROUS times, I LOVE me a bob (especially on a Desi girl, the long hair gets very monotonous) but her’s just looks so severe
    and no this does not remind me of Katie Holmes (the only resemblance is the hair) becasue Mrs. Cruise went form fashion disaster to fashion diva (other than when walking around NY)-and I don’t quite see that here…the outfit is fine, she just looks tired and probably went for the no-nonsense hair- having kids does that you know

  5. deewani at | | Reply

    she’s not dressed like a 50 yr old… u r exaggerating tina dear…this is how one looks dresses age appropriately.. she is a new mom…she does not have to dress like a teenager!

  6. Surbhi at | | Reply

    i dont particularly like the shade of pink, but i like the way she has accesorized it.. and i like the confidence.. tho i think she shouldnt have cut her again.. this short.. it doesnt suit her much

  7. sunny at | | Reply

    I guess people identify her with the long hair… I for one like the bob. It gives her face a fresh look, and I’m sure is easier to manage when you have kids. I like the outfit. Hate the purse.

  8. yusra at | | Reply

    i like the bob on sonali..but she shud definitely play it up rahter thn hv it sleek back behind the ears

  9. namrata at | | Reply

    isnt that the Fendi Secret Code bag she is carrying? Dont like the bag but I think Sonali is looking nice.

  10. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    she really needs to stop putting her hair behind her ears, they make her look like she has very little hair and very big ears. also, i think she generally tends to dress very conservatively. even when she is in an expensive outfit, it doesn’t really have that wow effect (i’m talking about the outfit and not the person). boring, but at least not bad, esp judging from some of the clothes she used to wear in movies.

  11. Adit at | | Reply

    she is looking like an old married socialite in Bombay…very very ordinary

  12. ts at | | Reply

    she looks very chic. The bag sucks big time.

  13. zara at | | Reply

    I think the color of the top is washing her out. I’m sure that if the top had been in a richer color, like a darker maroon shade, she would have looked great. I agree that while I look the bob on her, I wish she would style it a bit instead of tucking it behind her ears.

  14. Violet at | | Reply

    I like her short hair (it does look fresh) but I agree she should play it up. I like her decent sense of dressing. This pink is a little dull though.

    I am reminiscing the Sonali of yesterday.. and wow, wouldn’t mind seeing that again!

  15. suchi at | | Reply

    she is very pretty and I like the way she is holding her bag (not thrusting it in front of the camera like the other celebs:) ) as for her hair she needs to stop putting it behind her ears. I think 30 somethings do have a difficult time dressing (they dont want to look like teenagers neither do they want to look 50!)

  16. neha at | | Reply

    Hhmm…this would look boring on somebody else. But Sonali is so beautiful that she makes even this work.

  17. Anon at | | Reply

    I think she is gravitating towards AIshwarys-like colors.. too much proximity can have such an effect :-).. don’t like hr in these colors..

  18. stylo at | | Reply

    nice , very nice………….as someone said already , she made an ordinary outfit look good

  19. Sharin at | | Reply

    boring. fix the hair. she looks like shes takin herself way too seriously

  20. the mad momma at | | Reply

    yep – short hair easier with kids. am sure she has a maid and can atleast blwo dry into some style, but i also agree with the comment that says that thirty is an odd time. cant dress like a teen or an amma. sigh.

  21. Neha at | | Reply

    the jeans are a bad fit

  22. Neha at | | Reply

    i like the top though. and her hair looks better when played up a bit…not sleek

  23. honey at | | Reply

    I think she looks super nice! she is married and has a baby.. nshe cant be showing boobs and bellys all the time! Very Appropiate for a store opening!

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